SEDi is a purpose designed Learning, Development and Research infrastructure, dedicated to building community Emotional Safety.

Across Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe communities plug-into SEDi as a single source of expertise, resources and support across FIVE specialist domains: 

Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Social Emotional Learning, Trauma and Autism.


We're A Unique Infrastructure

SEDi is a unique global infrastructure, it combine FIVE specialist domains into a single source acclaimed international expertise and resources. It also embeds seamlessly into a country to create a dedicated national learning, development and research environment, through which to build capability.

Across whole countries, this establishes much needed grass-root capability, to build Emotional Safety & Resilience.

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Creating Community Capability 

SESA is our signature global initiative, dedicated to creating the community locations and youth specialists to build and maintain Emotional Safety & Resilience.

#sesaEducation transforms schools into Centres of Excellence in child emotional safety & development.  

#sesaYOUTH helps NGOs, Faith Networks, Foundations and Charities to establish qualified youth specialists.

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Enhancing Public Services

SEDi provides the environment for community-facing employers to create professional capability. 

FIVE learning zones each provide continuing professional development (CPD) and qualification pathways required to fully support community Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Membership connects front-line employees into the SEDi infrastructure and an unrivalled learning & development support. 

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Creating Social Sponsorship

PluggedIN is the dedicated SEDi operation which connects Philanthropists and Brands into communities.

Sponsorship which provides tangibility for individual & institutional philanthropy, or enviable community access for organisational brand placement.

Sponsors are carried deep into our communities, with exposure to valuable demographic groups within prime emerging economies.

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