SEDi is a world first in establishing the grass-root level capability needed, to build and maintain Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Across Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe SEDi supports countries from within communities, providing a unique Learning, Development and Research infrastructure.

Globally, SEDi connects communities into a single source of expertise, resources and support across FIVE specialist domains: Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Social Emotional Learning, Trauma and Autism.


We're A Unique Infrastructure

The SEDi infrastructure is genuinely unique. Not only does it combine FIVE specialist domains into a single source acclaimed international expertise and resources, but it then embeds seamlessly into any country to create an indigenous dedicated national learning, development and research support, through which to build capability.

Across whole countries, this establishes much needed grass-root capability, to build Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Through networks of approved centres of excellence, qualified community specialists and SEDi’s powerful digital platform, a whole country can access FIVE powerful learning zone domains.

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Specialist Community Locations & Individuals 

SESA is the signature global initiative from SEDi, dedicated to creating the locations and specialists required to build and maintain Emotional Safety & Resilience.

#sesaEducation connects into education settings across a country, providing the support to transform into approved Centres of Excellence in child emotional safety & development. After which, they are supported to establish emotionally resilient children and young people. 

#sesaYOUTH plugs-into the NGOs, Faith Networks, Foundations and Charities within a country, to provide them a qualification pathway onto which their young leaders can establish the specialists capability to support Emotional Safety within their communities.

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Enhancing Public and Private Sector Services

SEDi is committed to establishing the continuing professional development (CPD) and qualification standards required for Emotional Safety & Resilience, especially within Public and Private sector team.

FIVE specialist, expert-led, learning zone domains exist within a single collaborative learning, development and research infrastructure. Enabling employers to equip professionals to navigate and positively influence Emotional Safety & Resilience within communities.

Through the SEDi membership scheme, employers gain unrivalled one-stop-shop access to a host of quality assured and subject/context relevant CPD and qualifications.  

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Developing Social Sponsorship

Since 2012, SEDi has been building community level alliances and partnerships across the world, through which it provides a unique support for Education & Youth Development.

PluggedIN is the dedicated SEDi operation which connects Philanthropists and Brands into SESA; a sponsorship relationship which focuses upon providing tangibility for individual & institutional philanthropy, as as well providing enviable access for organisational brand placement.

Sponsors are carried deep into our communities, with exposure to valuable demographic groups within prime emerging economies.

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