A global infrastructure establishing professional capability and community awareness to build Emotional Safety & Resilience!

SEDi is a dedicated learning, development and research infrastructure which spans Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

We’re helping create the capability to build and maintain Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Our unique footprint is a single environment through which professionals build certified capability and communities build vital awareness, across FIVE domains: Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Social Emotional Learning, Trauma and Autism.

We're a Membership Community

SEDi is a growing community, consisting of many different cultures and needs, where everyone is learning how to build Emotional Safety & Resilience within and around them. 

Our membership approach enables teams, community groups and individuals to access unique learning & development; we’ve combined FIVE specialist learning areas into ONE collection of learning zones and the pathways which build capability.

Each learning zone provides powerful resources and a unique support which extends deep into communities, to help them progressively build Emotional Safety & Resilience within and around them.

More about Membership

Establishing Professional Capability

Within Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia our objective is to establish a broad professional capability within the service teams who support communities.

Across FIVE specialist learning zones, our professional development pathways build and maintain broad working knowledge, whilst supporting CPD into tangible practical capability.

Through our unique Membership scheme, employers can equip teams to professionally navigate the complex social and emotional development challenges found within modern society.

Providing Community Learning

We provide a unique learning & development support for entire communities, specifically designed to build Emotional Safety & Resilience. 

We use local meetings, workshops and faith centres to bring learning to communities, as well as using our digital platforms and accessing national TV and Radio.

This unique Membership scheme opens-up access to our powerful resources and support, which help community groups and individuals to learn about the complex social and emotional development challenges which exist around them.

New Capability Within Global Youth Leadership

In 2017, we surveyed approx 3,000 young people aged 12 to 19 years to establish a global snapshot of youth Emotional Capital. 

This unique global normative data now enables us to build and benchmark youth Social Emotional Skills and provide significant advances in youth leadership across the world – empowering young leaders to build Emotional Capital within and around them.

In partnership with RocheMartin, we launched #sesaYOUTH as a global support for non-profit organizations to underpin their work in developing youth leaders able to champion Emotional Safety & Resilience within their communities.

Philanthropy & The Non-Profit Sector

We created “PluggedIN” as a dedicated vehicle through which non-profit teams can collaborate with community programme sponsors, to establish a new Emotional Safety & Resilience. 

Since 2012, we’ve been building alliances and partnerships across the world, through which we support Education Development and Youth Leadership.

In Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe we are fully committed co-launching TWO SESA development programmes with non-profit organisations and their sponsors. SEDi provides an expert-rich learning, development and research environment which establishes internationally certified capability.

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