SEDi represents a global support for capability building which creates Emotional Safety at the heart of communities!

We’ve embedded into countries to provide a unique learning, development and research infrastructure which establishes a grass-root capability to undertake and sustain social emotional development, which then supports the evolution of Emotional Safety.  

Our very specific “plug-in & go” approach in a country enables anyone to access best-in-breed and science-based learning, development and research right at the heart of communities. Coordinated activities empower and support individuals, teams and families to create Emotional Safety; whilst also building a new capability for Emotional Resilience within all adults, young people and children.

SEDi is founded upon THREE pillars: 

Simply Plug-in & Go

We want to disrupt the “feel good” and “money-first” approach to human development across the world, by creating an infrastructure which is available to all; connected across borders, plugged-in through sectors and embedded deep in communities.

We forge alliances and partnership globally to help create emotionally safe environments, through which we support the development of the awareness and skills required to build and sustain Emotional Resilience.

TWO main support areas:

Access Key Learning & Development

We’ve made it very easy to “Plug-into” SEDi and gain a unique access to a powerful learning and development support. From anywhere in the world simply subscribe to one of our monthly Membership packages, or adopt one of our purpose designed Programmes.

To find out more about each option simply click the buttons below: