The world’s first dedicated learning, development & research infrastructure, to support Emotional Safety & Resilience!

The SEDi infrastructure spans Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia to establish a community support. It creates awareness and competency across public, private and non-profit sector teams, also individuals and families.

This digital and local support provides a unrivalled access to resources from a portfolio of world acclaimed experts across FIVE specialist fields.

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We’ve created a great way to plug-into SEDi, so everyone can become a member and develop capability at their own pace!

From a whole Team membership which supports a powerful new capability building objective, to Individual or Family memberships, we’ve made sure everyone can “Plug-in”.

Membership unlocks all FIVE learning zones, with unlimited digital and local access. 

Members can even choose from a catalogue of specially developed courses which lead into internationally accredited qualifications.

Team or individual membership establishes the professional capability for creating Emotional Wellbeing in sport! 

Coaches, welfare officers and support staff link-into enviable expertise and professional development pathways across FIVE specialist areas directly linked to Emotional Wellbeing.

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Team or individual membership establishes progressive professional awareness & capability building within Education! 

Educational professionals, support staff and carers can all establish professional awareness and qualified capability across FIVE specialist which underpin Emotional Safety & Resilience.

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Team or individual membership helps employers access enviable CPD pathways for operational Emotional Safety & Resilience! 

Public, private and third-sector employers serving can plug-into SEDi and establish the professional awareness and capability that protects employee Emotional Resilience, whilst operating emotionally safe environments for everyone.

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We Support The Non-Profit Sector

PluggedIN is our dedicated approach to support the creation of  sustainable capability which literally changes lives! 

Non-Profit sector teams across the world plug-in and mobilise the SEDi infrastructure. Since 2012 this collaboration approach has been building a vital professional capability for employees, volunteers and support workers.

PluggedIn also enables teams to underpin their work in challenging environments, by providing communities with a unique access to SEDi. Individuals and families then build and can sustain vital Emotional Safety & Resilience.