SEDi represents a solution for creating Emotional Safety across the globe, through the building of Emotional Resilience deep within communities!

We’ve created an interconnected learning, development & research infrastructure across the world, embedded deep into the heart of communities to provide a dedicated support for Public, Private & Third Sector teams to build and sustain Emotional Resilience.

This is a very specific global approach to reach the grass-roots of communities, then provide them with best-in-class learning and development across a broad spectrum of social emotional development areas. This empowers them to establish the Emotional Safety, through which to build and sustain Emotional Resilience within adults, young people and children.

SEDi is founded upon THREE pillars: 

Change Comes From Within!

We established SEDi to disrupt the “feel good” and “money-first” approach which is attached to human development across the world. We operate across borders, through sectors and deep in communities to bring a learning, development and research infrastructure which is focused on scale, not profit.

Our ethos is to to reach enough communities, focus on quality learning, development and impact, and then we can self-sustain and grow.

We forge alliances and partnership globally to create emotionally safe environments, through which we help develop the awareness and skills required to build and sustain Emotional Resilience.