SEDi is a Learning, Development and Research infrastructure dedicated to supporting  communities across the world; we provide a unique range of resources and support.

We have created a powerful support for teams, families and individuals within communities, to build awareness, capability and qualifications across FIVE areas of Social Emotional Development.

Everyone can access SEDi, globally. Through our Memberships, Programmes and Research channels you will be connecting into some of the world’s leading authorities in their fields.

Join the SEDi community, where we continually refine our range of resources which are tailored for delivery in different languages, through our digital and local footprint.

Choose a Membership

We’ve created a simple way to plug-into SEDi for your learning & development, which is through our Monthly Memberships.

Access to our SEDi community and range of Free and Discounted resources is available to teams, as well as families and individuals. Everyone can plug-into SEDi for an unrivalled access to our enviable range of learning & development support.

Choose Our Programmes

We’ve created powerful and far-reaching programmes, which teams and individuals can plug-into. Members can access programmes at a discounted rate, but our range of purpose designed Programmes are available to non-members (Full Price). All programmes provide learning & development which is managed within our digital and local delivery environment; we manage progress and pointing it into a final learning objective.

Choose Our Research

We joined forces with RocheMartin to pioneer a global approach to Defining, Benchmarking & Researching the evolving social emotional skills in young people and adults. SEDi now establishes Research Partnerships/Project with public, private and non-profit organisations to provide ground-breaking Human Development insights from age 12 years upwards.