Plug-in and experience a unique Learning and Development environment. Professionals, community groups and individuals can build broad awareness, tangible capability across FIVE areas which impact upon Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Access to this powerful environment helps communities connect-into some of the world’s leading authorities in their fields, their insights and resources. Each month SEDi updates the range of resources and programmes within FIVE learning zones, for delivery in different languages and utilising an enviable digital and local infrastructure.

To access SEDi, we provide TWO main routes:  

Choose a Membership

Becoming a member of the global community is the easiest way to plug-into all learning, development and research support.

Members all benefit from a full access to the environment, including a range of Free and Discounted resources and activities, programmes and special events. Professionals, community groups and individuals gain unrivalled access, through monthly membership.

Choose Our Programmes

Non-members access to SEDi is through any of the learning and development programmes which fully support the building of capability in Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Each programmes is specifically designed with a specific outcome, and fully managed within SEDi’s digital and local delivery environment.