Back in 2012, SEDi Founder Jay Baughan recognised the need for communities to build and sustain Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Over the years, Jay has seen how countries struggle to tackle rising levels of child/youth trauma, youth disengagement and community mental heath issues. Within the more hard-to-reach communities, this situation is now overwhelming public sector resources.

Joining forces with with some of the world’s most respected experts from across FIVE areas of Social Emotional Development, Jay created a powerfully collaborative learning, development and research environment – called the Social Emotional Development Institute (SEDi).

National Support

SEDi embeds into a country to provide a specific access to expertise and the resources required to establish national capability for social emotional development.

Within a country, SEDi is embedded to provide a physical and digital infrastructure which connects communities into the accomplished works of leading experts within FIVE learning zone domains – a collaborative and commercial partnership approach, which does not interfere with the experts’ normal way of doing their business, and provides a unique global reach for their work – as well as revenues.

SEDi is embedded into some of the most hard-to-reach communities in the world, providing comprehensive support which helps build and nurture the vital grass-root level capability for establishing Emotional Safety & Resilience.