Across the world people are facing varying levels of challenge, change and adversity within their community. For many, this creates a significant amount of emotional stress and strain, which in turn affects the equilibrium of family, workplace and community environments.

SEDi was created to meet an international need for helping adults, young people and children to create a deep awareness of self and emotional safety, and for everyone to build a capability for Emotional Resilience.

It is this resilience which will become the foundation stone upon which countries enjoy emotional safety, cohesion and wellbeing.

SEDi: A Learning, Development and Research Infrastructure.

SEDi is a collaborative, technology-rich infrastructure which is totally dedicated to providing learning & development within the heart of communities; embedded across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Our digitally enhanced approach supports community level learning & development across FIVE specialist areas of social emotional development. A unique Plug-in & Go option is available for Public, Private and Third Sector organisations, using a membership model for everyone to gain access and utilise powerful resources and support within a global infrastructure.

Globally Established Expertise

SEDi has joined-forces with leading experts and organisations from across the world; pioneers in the fields of Emotional Intelligence, Autism, Trauma & ACEs, Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness.

This unique and unrivalled, an environment with the expertise and resources within a portfolio which is deployed into communities to support learning and development at every level. Read about our Expert Partners.

It Began in West Africa

The SEDi story began in 2012, when Founder Jay Baughan was engaged to support Nigeria by designing a learning and development solution to address a need for youth emotional resilience and reintegration. Read more about the SEDi evolution