SEDi is a dedicated infrastructure, specifically developed to provide a global community of learning, development and research to support the creation of Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Globally there is a need for the practical capability within communities to build and maintain emotionally safe environments, and the skills for emotional resilience within children, young people and adults. Communities need to tackle rising levels of childhood trauma and youth mental heath issues, support professionals need to be equipped with the capability to help communities tackle their issues. SEDi provides  the infrastructure, resources and support to meet this challenge.

An Infrastructure to Add-in New Capability

Back in 2012 our founder, Jay Baughan recognised a significant need for community learning & development to create a specific awareness and the capability to establish Emotional Safety. Across the world he found that Public, Private and Non-Profit sector teams, and the individuals and families within communities simply had no access to the specific quality assured learning & development resources, which would improve how they managed the emotional dynamics they faced, and which influenced community Emotional Safety.

Over the years Jay has developed the SEDi learning, development and research infrastructure. First he forged collaborative relationships with trusted experts across FIVE key areas which affect Emotional Safety & Resilience, to then create a unique learning & development portfolio.

Then came a digital environment to overlay an enviable geographical footprint, created through partnerships which embedded SEDi into countries to offer a new support for large-scale community learning. Since 2015, Jay has focused upon building relationships and providing support into the heart of communities.

Today, SEDi is a community of learning and development, with a digital and geographic footprint which spans Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Enviable Expertise Spanning FIVE Specialist Areas

SEDi enjoys relationships with leading experts and organisations from across the world; pioneers in the fields of Emotional Intelligence, Autism, Trauma & ACEs, Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness.

This creates an unrivalled, highly credible portfolio of expertise and resources into which all members of communities can gain access for to supported, highly relevant learning and development. Read about our Expert Partners.

Strategic Partnerships & Footprint

We’ve evolved in a very specific way since 2012, by adapting to how different countries need to be supported, and how the learning, development and research needs to be provided. This has been achieved through partnerships which have guided us into communities where we now operate.

Our infrastructure and use of technology, resources and relationships is quite unique across our footprint, which allows us to offer a nimble, tangible and above all credible solution. Read more about our Structure

Easy Access to SEDi

We’ve made it easy for whole communities to gain access to our SEDi community of learning & development – no matter the geography or language, we’ve got it covered.

You can choose from our Memberships to access an unrivalled portfolio of expertise and resources, Read more about Plug-in & Go

How SEDi Began

The SEDi story began in 2012, when Founder Jay Baughan was engaged to support the Federal Government of Nigeria. Beginning with their multi-million dollar youth reintegration and employability programme, he extended support into West Africa.

We’ve come a long way since, and are proud of this journey we started… Read more about the SEDi evolution