Since 2012, we’ve been supporting communities within West Africa to build Emotional Resilience. In November 2017 we expanded this support to include South Africa. Our support for communities comes through our relationships with public, private and non-profit sector teams who plug-into SEDi to establish a specific professional capability; combined populations of 265 million people can now access our unique learning & development infrastructure. 

From an operational bases in West Africa and South Africa, we provide a pan-African support through Education, Public Services and Youth Development. Our digital platform and localised delivery enables us to reach communities to build new awareness and skills. Our ability to benchmark evolving Emotional Resilience provides new Human Development insights for countries to build-upon.

Operations in Africa

Over 5-years SEDi established operating bases in Africa, forging partnerships with indigenous companies who share our passion for creating Emotional Safety & Resilience within children, young people and adults. It is these trusted partnerships which have embedded the SEDi infrastructure into the heart of communities to underpin the work of Public, Private and Non-Profit sector teams; through Education, Public Services and Youth Development.


Our support for Ghana’s communities spans all 10 regions, and is coordinated from our base in Accra. Since 2015, James Kwesi Addison has forged deep links into his communities, accessed through the Traditional Leadership in the House of Chiefs and, through alliances with non-profit organisations operating in Ghana. Read More 


Our support for Nigeria’s communities spans 21 states (including the Federal Capital Territory, and is coordinated from our bases in Abuja and Kogi. Since 2012, Abdulazeez Abatemi-Usman has connected SEDi into communities through the State Governorships and the many non-profit organisations operating across Nigeria. Read More 

South Africa

Our support for South Africa’s communities launched in November 2017, it is available to Public, Private and Non-Profit Sectors nationally from our base in Johannesburg. Our partnership with Tshanduko has connected SEDi into communities to support Education and Youth Development across South Africa.