We Support Non-Profit Operations

PluggedIN is another signature initiative from SEDi, which specifically connects non-profit organizations into SEDi which open-up access to our specific support. Around the world, these relationships form embedded programmes which underpin education development, youth leadership development and community learning.

We have established links to philanthropists and foundations who collaborate with us to support these embedded programmes around the world. This process establishes exciting social impact collaborations which ultimately improve community Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Our unique corporate sponsorship vehicle takes brands deep into the emerging markets they seek to penetrate, through our community programmes. This is a powerful global brand placement operation, which raises necessary programme funding, whilst enabling sponsors to reach deep into the hearts and minds of their ideal consumer groups.

Emotional Capital in Young Leaders

Collaborating with non-profit organizations across Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe, has created a significant reach into youth communities. #sesaYOUTH now represents one of the largest youth leadership capability building initiatives ever, capability which will flow-out into local communities.

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Educational Centres of Excellence

Connecting into community education networks across Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe, has established the largest private approach to establish schools as centres of excellence in child emotional safety & development. #sesaEducation transforms schools through professional development, establishing certified capability across FIVE domains of social emotional development .

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Brand Sponsorship

We’ve recognised how sponsorship is seen as a powerful option for marketers, especially for brands seeking to connect into communities within emerging markets like Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

We understand how brand activation is an important part of the marketing mix , also that communities respond positively to brands who sponsor education and youth development. We open-up SESA for sponsorship of not only regional programmes, but geographic strands of programmes, events and even community schools/NGOs. SESA generates significant brand visibility within key markets, which drive brand/programme association.

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Social Sponsorship 

We’ve seen how individual and crowdfunded philanthropy has helped propel some of the most important social-impact successes of our time, addressing real social change.

We understand the shear demand being made on the international philanthropic networks by hundreds of non-profit organizations seeking support for their initiatives, everyone wants to achieve real change. SESA was created to form a collaborative, transparent sponsorship vehicle through which philanthropy can meet with non-profit organizations to positively connect for long-term educational and youth leadership development within communities.

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