A Dedicated Learning Environment.  

SEDi brings into play a global learning and development environment which is totally dedicated to helping whole communities to build awareness and capability across the key areas of Social Emotional Development.

This purpose designed environment interconnects through both local provision and the use of cutting-edge digital platforms, to support communities, as well as Public, Private and Third Sector teams.

This represents arguably the most comprehensive environment and range of resources spanning Emotional Intelligence, Autism, Trauma & Adverse Childhood Experiences, Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness.  

Community Development

For professionals, volunteers and parents/guardians/carers our learning & development environment brings-in FIVE key subject areas which span Social Emotional Development. Membership based access plugs them into an unrivalled range of learning resources to establish a new awareness and the capability to create Emotional Safety within home and care environments.

Plug-In Programmes

SEDi enables Public, Private and Third Sector employers to plug into programmes which build and maintain professional awareness, emotional resilience and establish a qualified capability in Social Emotional Development Practice.


SEDi establishes collaborations to underpin community development projects managed by NGOs, Foundations, Community Interest Companies and International Agencies, … Building measurable Emotional Resilience. Find out more here