We’re Building Awareness & Capability Inside Communities  

Our objective is for communities to be proficient in their understanding and qualified in their practical capabilities around Emotional Safety. Learning & development is designed to meet rigorous standards in subject matter, learning management and competency assessment.  

Each of the FIVE dedicated and vibrant learning zones, provides quality assured capability building pathways, led by experts in their fields and using cutting-edge digital platforms, and local support.

SEDi has created the world’s first single environment which provides quality assured learning & development across Emotional Intelligence, Autism, Trauma & Adverse Childhood Experiences, Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness.  

Membership Access

Access to the learning & development environment and FIVE dedicated zones, is via monthly membership. This enables professionals as well as family groups and individuals, to build-up their awareness and capability as part of the SEDi community.

The objective is that everyone can build a basic awareness within FIVE specialist areas, and if they wish then proceed to take-up professional development and qualifications.

Local & Digital Support

Each of our FIVE learning zones provide a unique environment within which to move through different stages of learning & development. Coupling digital channels (video, podcast, online course management and webcast) with local events, Public, Private and Third Sector employers, as well as families and individuals can learn on the move. Read More

Quality Assured & Progressive Learning

We’ve built a unique combination of FIVE specialist learning zones within one environment. Each zone provides learners with an expert-led pathway through THREE stages of progressive learning. Starting with building a base of subject Knowledge, then onto a formal Practitioner capability and finally into a qualified subject Specialist standard.