Membership of EducationSEDi Opens-up Access to a Dedicated Infrastructrure.  

EducationSEDi is a dedicated CPD support for educators and early years providers, which plugs them into our specialist learning, development and research infrastructure to build professional awareness, capability and qualifications across the FIVE areas of Social Emotional Development.

Our unique Membership approach enables individuals and groups to access a suite of resources through mobile devices, to enable busy professionals to utilise our digital learning and development platforms, which also connects into a local support.

This is a perfect way for education and care teams to establish their CPD credibility centred on emotional: safeguarding, wellbeing and resilience development.

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Professional Development

Plug-into a very specific professional development support, which we have interconnected internationally. This centralised, quality assured learning and development process is focused upon establishing subject understanding, capability and qualifications across: Emotional Intelligence, Autism, Trauma & ACEs, Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness.

Memberships open-up a world of individual and group CPD to be utilised, with many of the resources included in the membership fee, or subsidised.

We also provide a dedicated Programme which establishes a qualified specialist capability within settings… Read more about it.

Monthly Memberships

Pick & Mix is the name of the game with EducationSEDi, settings can plug-into learning and development which takes them through professional development that helps CPD to include specialist areas, implement new approaches and focus on support for Mental Health & Wellbeing and Positive Education.

Memberships are paid in local currency, through the following TWO options:

£10 per month: Individual Membership for teachers, teaching assistants, newly qualified teachers and early years professionals.

£260 per month: Group Membership covers the whole team, it creates a dedicated process for key learning & development for leadership teams to implement.

Set-up Team Membership