Build Emotional Strength

As an athlete you know there are certain aspects you can’t control, and some you can only influence. If you’re competing for medals on the world stage, or are a high-performing amateur, you’re striving to perform at your best, whilst also navigating your emotional responses to the world around you.

There’s as little as 1% difference between being the best and being a contender in sport. A winning performance is determined by your emotional and mental state.

Emotional strength is a vital capability in sport and also your outside life. By learning how to harness your emotions through getting to know yourself emotionally and becoming totally focused upon your emotional state, you become equipped to avoid stress-burnout, develop positive relationships around you and avoid the emotional pitfalls which lead to anxiety and destructive behaviours.

A Powerful New Support!

Join ResilientMe to access a powerful learning, development and coaching environment.

As the title suggests, here you’ll quickly grasp the “basics” of social emotional skills, and then ‘fine tune’ these skills within every area of your life. With our help you’ll create a deep self-awareness and develop skills which enable you to harness and manage your emotions; empowering you to boost and maintain your performance. In addition you will be able to build positive relationships and have the inner ability to meet your life full-on.

Our founder Jay Baughan joined forces with former international rugby professional and seasoned emotional strength coach Mark Russell to create a dedicated learning & development community just for sporting professionals across the world.

Jay and Mark provide unique digital resources, self-assessments, online learning, 1:2:1 and workshop skills coaching.

Mark draws-upon his deep experience as a professional international athlete, and brings significant subject expertise, to guide you to accomplish high levels of mental strength and the focus to apply strategies into real situations you face.

The ResilientMe Community

We’re a membership community spanning the world. For sporting members we provide a dedicated way to build your self-awareness and the skills required to harness your emotions to be able to channel them into improving performance in every area of your life!

Membership opens-up a whole world of sport focused self-development, with podcast learning, video learning, weekly updates and tips, and even webinars, 1:2:1 coaching and online courses.

By joining our dedicated community for sport, we will fully equip you with the deep self-awareness and skills required to build lasting emotional strength.

Membership is £40 per month

(or equivalent in local currency).

What Membership Brings You!

First and foremost we support you, as an individual member of a very specific sporting community. You can access digital resources, and connect with Jay and Mark, to really open-up your self-awareness. From there, over time you can build and master skills which empower you to become emotionally strong by being able to harness your emotions.

World Acclaimed Experts

We have created FIVE learning zones within SEDi, each is led by experts who you can trust – from their pedigree of real-world experience and science based knowledge. Within the learning zones our experts have created unique and field-tested resources which make ResilientMe a unique experience for learning & development. Read More

Understanding yourself at a deep level, what makes really you tick, is the most important stage in your learning and development process with us. So we’ve made sure that you can gain access to everything you need which may relate to your life’s journey: Emotional Intelligence, Autism, Trauma & Adverse Childhood Experiences and Mindfulness. 

Online Learning Just For You

Each month you can browse a wide selection of quality assured and expert-driven online courses. This opens a new world of self-awareness and everything is grounded in science, practical application and easy to follow steps to skills development.

Our Learning Zones are host to courses which are heavily subsidised, and include key value-additions such as Webinars, and an AskTheExpert link to the course author. Courses also link directly into our Podcast and Video channels to support your learning.


We pack a lot into your ResilientMe membership, including unique benefits!

  1. Webinars – we schedule complimentary 1 hr online events for you to join, and you can even follow your favourite expert. (Please note there are limited places).
  2. Meetups – In certain cities around the world we host local gatherings where our experts provide face to face learning to join and fellow members – to learn LIVE! (Please note these carry a small charge, with limited places).
  3. Podcasts – All our experts love to share their thoughts and tips on our channel for you listen to via our SoundCloud App on your mobile device. Complimentary access to a growing digital library.
  4. Interviews – Mark Russell likes to get out and meet lots of key people in sport who have build their capability for emotional strength. We post these on our channel for you to catch via our Vimeo app on your mobile device.
  5. Community Group – Mark runs a private group platform where you can meet Mark and connect with him for more 1:2:1 support. This is a warm and friendly way for Mark to support members.
  6. Measure Emotional Resilience – You can enjoy member Discount on the powerful benchmark and coaching tool which reveals your evolving Emotional Resilience. You will get invaluable personal insight upon which to build!

Joining is Easy!

Membership is £40 per month (or equivalent in local currency).