Emotional Safety Programme

The Emotional Safety programme launched in 2016, to support community employers in the UK & Republic of Ireland.

This 3-part programme is a comprehensive support for workplace capability building, a plug-in environment which provides workforce Continuing Professional Development (CPD) which is entirely dedicated to Emotional Safety@Work.

Employers seamlessly establish their own version of our quality assured learning, development and research environment, establishing a long-term support for workplace Emotional Safety & Resilience; including support for management teams to align emotional safety with existing physical safety protocols.

Research undertaken by the EU has revealed a rise in employer costs from managing stress and depression – which stands at an estimated €578 billion annually. Sources: CIPD & Matrix.

Join the Emotional Safety Programme

Programme membership is a simple and affordable way employers to plug-in and roll-out a tangible support which over time transforms their workplace into an emotionally safe environment.

This is a seamless connection to SEDi, which equips key managers and an entire workforce with the capability to build Emotional Safety & Resilience within and around them.

Monthly Membership is £260 (UK) or €295 (ROI)

Monthly Management CPD Workshops

Each month we run dedicated management awareness CPD workshops, providing Line Managers, Health & Safety, Occupational Health and HR teams with a comprehensive 3-hour introduction to the structure of, and process for managing long-term Emotional Safety@Work.

A Plug-in for Workforce Emotional Resilience

#ResilientYou is a seamless learning, development and research plug-in for employers. We embed a dedicated and holistic Continuing Professional Development (CPD) environment, for the entire workforce to access certified support which builds and maintains Emotional Resilience.


Qualified Workplace Specialists

The programme provides the world’s first fully regulated professional qualification (& ongoing CPD) process, which uniquely establishes qualified workplace specialists in Social Emotional Development Practice. Key personnel specialise to manage Emotional Safety, and support workforce CPD for Emotional Resilience.