We’re Supporting Workplace Emotional Safety

There is a growing focus on how Mental health problems in the workplace have serious effects not only for the individual but also for the productivity and competitiveness of work environment.

Employers are focusing upon how to manage Emotional Safety to directly support how employees mitigate the emotional impact of their work – and home life which comes into work with them.

Recent EU funded research revealed that there is a rise in employer costs from managing depression – stating this stands at an estimated €578 billion annually. Sources: CIPD & Matrix.

Plug-in & Establish Emotional Safety 

Our Emotional Safety support has been running within Europe, the Middle East and Africa since 2015. We’re providing multi-faceted continuing professional development (CPD) targeted at creating workplace Emotional Safety and building employee Emotional Resilience.

Public, Private and Third Sector employers can “plug-in to a unique CPD environment to create their own infrastructure dedicated to raising awareness, measuring and building skills, and establishing a unique qualified capability in social emotional development practice.

Raise Management Awareness!

Since 2015 we have been providing a great platform for employers to establish management engagement into the creation of Emotional Safety at work. We’ve seen how creating a deep self-awareness and insights within a management workshop, helps managers fully engage into the need for Emotional Safety in the workplace – and beyond.

Our monthly workplace workshops provide employers with the ideal start for their process of launching an Emotional Safety Programme.   

Develop Team Emotional Resilience!

We created ResilientYou to meet a global need for employee Emotional Safety, learning & development to span entire teams which involves Flexible Learning. We added tangibility to our process, through the benchmarking of evolving Emotional Resilience.

Public, Private and Third Sector employers can now define, measure and build workplace Emotional Resilience.

Create Qualified Specialists!

We launched the world’s first regulated professional qualification and CPD process for HR, L&D and Operational professionals. A rigorous professional pathway to firmly establish workplace specialists in creating Emotional Safety, able to fully support  the building of Emotional Resilience.

No more ambiguity, SEDS includes 24 months of  CPD to help qualified specialists to champion Emotional Safety at work.