Workplace Emotional Safety

We’re helping employers to position a more robust Emotional Safety management right alongside their existing physical safety protocols within the workplace.

This is in response to an international growth in the levels of stress-related absence, and costly litigation against employers. All of which puts employers under the microscope in terms of how they are preventing emotional distress and trauma within working environments.

There is no escaping the financial impact upon employers. Recent EU funded research revealed that there is even a rise in employer costs from managing work-related depression – stating this stands at an estimated €578 billion annually. Sources: CIPD & Matrix.

The Emotional Safety Programme

We’ve created a dedicated learning, development and research support for Public, Private and Third Sector employers, called the Emotional Safety Programme. This is a unique solution which enables them to plug-in and create their own in-house capability to establish Emotional Safety within working environments, manage workforce Emotional Resilience development, and measure the impact.

Create Team Emotional Resilience

Support your public facing employees to better cope with human interactions and overcome distressing emotional experiences. ResilientMe is for small to large teams and provides them with a continuous learning & development process, building emotional awareness, and the social emotional skills capability for maintaining a measurable emotional resilience.

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Create Qualified Specialists

Embed a specialist capability within your existing HR, H&S and operational teams, to possess the knowledge and practical capability to support your public facing employees, as well as mitigate the impact and costs of stress based absence. SEDS is the regulated professional qualification in Social Emotional Development Practice, which creates the practical capability to Define, Build and Measure workforce emotional resilience.

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