To Enrol onto a SEDS Qualification cohort is simple, first you need to complete this Contact Form and we will get in touch to begin the process:

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Become a qualified specialist, position yourself as a pioneer in a global marketplace!

Thousands of professionals and volunteers are working within the fields of Human Development, Health & Safety, Learning & Development, Safeguarding, Health and Social Care across the world.

We scoured the world, looking for a professional qualification route which sets a global standard for social emotional development, creates and supports professional capability, and is targeted towards building measurable Emotional Resilience within adults, young people and children.

We couldn’t find anything…

In 2015 we joined forces with experts in the fields of emotional development and qualifications design, to create a world first – the SEDS Qualification.

SEDS sets an international standard and professional development process which leads into a regulated qualification for frontline professionals and volunteers who support adults, young people and children.

Cost to Enrol: £1,500 per person (or equivalent in local currency)

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