In 2012, SEDi founder Jay Baughan identified a clear need for communities to understand the broad emotional dynamics they face, for learning & development support which ultimately creates Emotional Safety. 

He forged partnerships with experts across FIVE fields of Social Emotional Development, to establish specific “go-to” learning zones which provide a unique insight, and the resources to support learning & development for teams, families and individuals within their communities.

A Unique Combination of Learning Zones

We’ve created a powerful environment for learning & development which combines FIVE specialist learning zones. Each zone is dedicated to a specific specialist area and is focused upon progressively building community knowledge, linked to practical capability and supported by local qualified specialists – all of which equip communities to establish and maintain Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Collective Expertise

Our subject expert partners are all grounded in international practice, they each possess many years of proven experience in the field and have the depth of academic and science-based learning which goes with their status. Combined together within SEDi’s learning zones, this is a powerful group to learn from.

About The Experts

Unique Insights & Resources

Each month, SEDi and the expert partners work together and create video updates, new learning resources, provide thought leadership and host webinars. This means that SEDi is able to provide communities (professionals community groups and individuals) with an enviable learning & development support.

Our Infrastructure