SEDi was created to meet a recognised international need for a dedicated support for community learning and development – which is focused upon the creation of Emotional Safety and the establishment of capability to build Emotional Resilience.

This fundamental community need, meant that an infrastructure and specific expertise needed to be available for every community to access and use, rigorous enough to support long-term social impact.

When people ask us “what is SEDi” we tell them that it is made up of a very specific approach to supporting Learning, Development & Research deep within the heart of communities.

Partnerships, Alliances & Collaborations

In 2012 SEDi founder Jay Baughan began the creation of SEDi, from work being undertaken for the Federal Government of Nigeria which required him to facilitate global relationships into one single solution for learning, development and research. Over the years since, he has built-up a global network of collaborations, partnerships and in-country alliances which now enable all members of communities, as well as Public, Private and Third Sector teams to access the SEDi infrastructure.

Enviable Expertise

We’ve joined forces with some of the most respected and accomplished expert individuals and organisations across a variety of fields within Social Emotional Development. SEDi provides an unparalleled and highly credible range of expertise and resources.

Global Alliances

Across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia we have formed alliances within countries, which provide a direct route into the heart of communities, open up trusted networks within which to embed SEDi and access to the Public, Private and Third Sector teams who are supporting communities.

Non-Profit Support

Foundations, Charities, NGOs and Social Enterprises, are welcome to collaborate with us, to plug-into SEDi to create specialist capability, gain access our learning, development and research infrastructure, and add-in significant social emotional development value to their projects and initiatives.