Jay Baughan has worked professionally in the field of transformational change and turnaround since 1988, his specialism is emotional science the development of emotional resilience. An international social entrepreneur Jay is based out of the UK and UAE, where he is connecting into countries to underpin strategic and operational impact, providing everyone a discreet infrastructure and the metrics to build Emotional Safety & Resilience deep within communities.

SEDi was born in 2012, beginning as a social impact solution Jay designed for the Federal Government of Nigeria. A way to support youth re-integration and employability under their Federal Presidential Amnesty Program.

This took Jay on a journey, to/from Nigeria over 3 years where he designed his model for a very specific learning, development and research infrastructure which would embed into communities. From within Africa, Jay worked out how he could support, then equip local people to go out and establish Emotional Safety, to then also help build Emotional Resilience – adults, young people and children.

Since 2015, Jay has covered most of the globe to embed his SEDi infrastructure into countries. Personally financing this, whilst facing many set-backs and challenges, He’s embedded SEDi within Africa, the Middle East and Europe – since January 2018 this now includes Asia.

Jay’s vision always was for communities to access a single, expert-rich environment through which to learn about the FIVE key domains within social emotional development. His tireless pursuit of partnerships has also enabled him to reach key people and penetrate deep into countries. His push to establish education and youth leadership as the community providers, has seen him build a powerful Professional Development footprint which underpins capability building within communities.

SEDi has a growing profile and a deep subject credibility, providing the resources, standards and reach Jay requires to achieve help communities transform – by creating Emotional Safety & Resilience within and around them.

Jay is a dedicated husband to a loyal wife, and is a doting father to a wonderful daughter. A former businessman with a story to tell, he is living proof that you can be broken emotionally – repeatedly – and still develop the “know-how” to overcome personal adversity and to flourish.

A popular international speaker and visiting lecturer, Jay blends together the science of social emotional development with a big dose of real community life, to give audiences fascinating insights into Emotional Safety & Resilience from around the world.

He presents research which pinpoints the structure to and evolution of, Youth Emotional Resilience. In particular his metrics clearly reveal the 3 core areas of developmental focus which is applicable to any country, irrespective of culture, geography and language.

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