Jay Baughan has worked professionally in the field of transformational change and turnaround since 1988, his specialism is developing emotional resilience. An international social entrepreneur Jay is based out of the UK and UAE, where he is connecting into countries to underpin their strategic and operational impact, providing a discreet infrastructure and the metrics to build Emotional Resilience deep within communities.

The SEDi story started in 2012 when Jay was commissioned by agents for the Federal Government of Nigeria to create a solution for youth re-integration linked to issues with employability under its Presidential Amnesty Program.

From here, Jay began a global journey of design and testing to create a learning, development and research infrastructure to embed into communities and equip them with the capability to create a much desired emotional safety, and to build the capability for Emotional Resilience in adults, young people and children.

Jay has invested time and personal resources to create SEDi, establishing a robust infrastructure containing technology and collaborative relationships which span the world. SEDi now has the enviable credibility, resources and reach Jay requires to make a deep impact within all communities he is supporting.

His partnership with RocheMartin began in 2012 and enables him to operate a rigorous social emotional skills benchmark process from age 12 years upwards. His international academic partnerships now bring a Research capability within countries that add a new dimension to Human Development insights: broken-down by Age, Gender, Nationality and Location.

Jay is a dedicated family man, former businessman and life-long student of human behaviour. He is living proof that you can fall from a great height – repeatedly – and learn to overcome significant set-backs and personal adversity.

His mission is to help everyone to build the capability for Emotional Resilience, and guide professionals and volunteers to create sustainable Emotional Safety within communities.

A popular international and TEDx speaker, Jay blends together the science of emotional development with a big dose of real community life to give audiences fascinating insights from around the world, and the very clear “how to” process for building and maintaining Emotional Resilience.

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