Managing Emotional Safety @ Work

Our unique national programme fully supports community employers to design, implement and maintain long-term emotional safety for workers.

This CPD workshop is designed for the key staff who influence Emotional Safety @Work, these are: Line Managers, Occupational Health, Health & Safety and HR teams.

A fully interactive workshop for key influencers to understand how to work effectively with the emotions and emotional needs within the workplace, how to mitigate the impact of emotional distress and manage serious workplace incidents – and even how to factor-in brought-to-work domestic issues.

Poor emotional safety management in the workplace, is already costing employers millions per year in lost productivity, staff-churn, absence and litigation.

CPD Workshops

Manchester | London | Dublin

3 hrs Workshop: Managing Emotional Safety @ Work

Each month we run this insightful workshop in 3 major cities within the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Key staff can book-onto this workshop to join our subject matter experts for an interactive, insightful and CPD accredited session.

These are Open Workshops for up to 30 people.

Line Managers, Occupational, Health & Safety and HR teams.

A learning event for key managers/teams who have direct responsibility for the emotional safety of workers, for establishing and maintaining emotional safety within the workplace or for developing strategy for maintaining employee wellbeing.

Delegates gain an understanding of managing emotional safety, through the science, structure and process of establishing emotional resilience within workers:

Breaking Down Emotional Resilience

  • Defining & understanding Emotions;
  • Defining & mapping Emotional Needs;
  • Defining & mapping Social Emotional Skills.

Managing Emotional Safety

  • Assessing barriers to Emotional Safety;
  • Measuring & evaluating Emotional Resilience – individually and holistically;
  • Establishing management protocols for Safety & Oversight.

Per Person: £85 (UK) | €97 (ROI)

THREE Specific Learning Outcomes:

  1. An understanding of the structure of emotions and emotional needs, including the impact from exposure to stressful circumstances.
  2. An understanding of how to improve/repair emotional safety within working environments, through building emotional resilience.
  3. An understanding of how to holistically assess levels of individual emotional resilience, identifying key stress/anxiety areas.