Key People Must Explore Workplace Emotional Safety!

Specific cultures and operating pressures cause emotional distress, as do serious workplace incidents and brought-in domestic circumstances. Line managers and supervisors, health & safety and human resource professionals all need to understand how to work effectively with the emotions, emotional needs and emotional resilience which contribute towards an emotionally safe workplace. Poor emotional safety management in the workplace, directly impacts upon the productivity and competitiveness of the overall working environment. 

An Insight Based Management Workshop

Internationally we’ve found that line managers, supervisors, health & safety and human resources professionals don’t necessarily understand the link between Emotional Safety and the performance impact of un-managed stress. Yet these key people are responsible for mitigating the stress based absenteeism which directly contributes towards substantial productivity losses, staff costs and reductions of wider employee wellbeing.

We’ve created a powerful workshop to help employers create a deep awareness and provide a unique personal insight into Emotional Safety in the workplace. Key managers and professionals join us to understand the human elements which contribute to emotionally safe environments, whilst also breaking-down how to develop and support emotional resilience to mitigate the workplace stress which is often the cause of employee absence.

We Come to You

Internationally we provide this option to employers, with a SEDi subject matter expert coming into the workplace to runs a dedicated In-House workshop for up to 25 people. Additional Option: Emotional Resilience Benchmark – add an group overview of existing levels of emotional resilience. Run A Workshop

Come to Us

Each month we bring the workshop to key cities around the world, a SEDi subject matter expert runs an Open workshop for up to 25 people. This enables employers to send their key people to us, as opposed to running their own In-House workshop with the workplace. View Our Events

1-Day Workshop: Managing Emotional Safety @ Work

We explore Emotional safety in the workplace, in terms of how it directly affects employee performance and rates of illness, and how un-managed stress sickness and absenteeism can lead to substantial productivity losses.

Individuals take an introspective, fully interactive learning journey over 1-Day with us. We create an understanding of how creating emotionally safe environments is linked to enabling employees to develop their emotional resilience which directly improves how they self-manage workplace stress.

Part 1: Breaking Down Emotional Resilience

  • Defining Emotions which shape thinking and behaviour,
  • Defining and mapping the Emotional Needs driving emotions,
  • Defining, measuring and mapping Social Emotional Skills.

Part 2: Breaking Down Emotional Safety

  • Measuring and evaluating the key Emotional Information & Dynamics,
  • Understanding and mapping the barriers to Emotional Security,
  • Establishing and managing Engagement, Safety & Oversight.

THREE Specific Learning Outcomes:

  1. An understanding of the processes required to manage difficult emotions within challenging situations, which lead to Emotional Safety within stressful circumstances.
  2. An understanding of how to improve/repair health and wellbeing through the quality of interactions between adults which enhance team capacity to make emotional connections, and manage emotional energy with confidence within difficult situations.
  3. An understanding of the construct of Emotional Resilience, which enables the individual or holistic measurement and assessment of Emotional Resilience.