“Emotions are involved with everything a person does and determine how well they manage themselves and adapt to the demands of life.

The value of our ability to manage our behaviour, along with the positive morale, engagement, and commitment will determine how well we live our lives…. That’s why I call it Emotional Capital”.

Dr Martyn Newman PhD.

One of the biggest gaps in modern social development is the ability to measure what are known as “soft skills”. For years senior psychology researchers have been calling for clearer definitions for social emotional competencies related to personal development, stating that a “new scale of development is required”.

In 2012 SEDi founder Jay Baughan formed a partnership with RocheMartin which would enable him to establish a rigorous science-based depth to the outcomes of developing Emotional Resilience.

Together, they have established a global approach to rigorously benchmarking the social emotional competencies in adults and young people, to provide metrics upon which to build.

SEDi and RocheMartin are pioneering new research and producing insights which are used to assess and understand individual and group Emotional Resilience.

Education, Development & Rehabilitation

Our SESA Initiative is a global support for education settings and youth development and rehabilitation projects. This support extends to providing world leading and comprehensive “deep-dive” benchmarking across large groups of young people, to identify evolving Youth Emotional Capital. Find out more. 

Non-Profit Tangibility

SEDi actively collaborates with NGOs, Foundations, Community Interest Companies, Charities and Relief Agencies to provide them with a comprehensive new insight and the rigorous metrics to underpin their investments, through the  benchmarking of evolving Youth Emotional Resilience within their project & initiatives. Find out more. 

Global Insight & Metrics

We’ve joined forces with RocheMartin to establish the world’s first process for benchmarking evolving youth Emotional Resilience. The Emotional Capital in Young People globally supports Public, Private and Third Sector teams giving invaluable insight and ground-breaking Human Development metrics.  Find out more.