“Emotions are involved with everything a person does and determine how well they manage themselves and adapt to the demands of life.

The value of our ability to manage our behaviour, along with the positive morale, engagement, and commitment will determine how well we live our lives….

That’s why I call it Emotional Capital”.

Dr Martyn Newman PhD.

One of the biggest gaps in modern social development is the ability to measure what are known as “soft skills”. For years senior psychology researchers have been calling for clearer definitions for social emotional competencies related to personal development, stating that a “new scale of development is required”.

RocheMartin are the global leaders in defining and measuring the social emotional skills which lie inside Resilience and Wellbeing. Their acclaimed emotional psychometric assessment the Emotional Capital Report (ECR™), is a rigorous and compelling way of measuring benchmarking the linked to how well people cope, and rebound from adversity, engage with society and live fulfilling lives.

Through a long-standing partnership with RocheMartin, SEDi is able to Define, Measure and Develop social emotional competencies in adults and young people, providing individual, group and national insights into evolving Emotional Resilience.