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We’ve created a simple way for you to access our global community of learning & development dedicated to helping you create Emotional Safety & Resilience. Choose a monthly membership and plug-into Professional Development, and Individual & Family Development. 

Our digital and local footprint is interactive and provides flexible learning & development… even on the move! Each of our learning zones provide an expert-led environment where resources are available through video, audio, online learning, webcasts as well as within communities.

Membership opens-up a unique world of learning & development support, we provide learning zones, each led by respected experts in their fields.

Our community learns from the most respected and credible experts, each with proven experience which builds the awareness and competency to underpin Emotional Safety & Resilience. FIVE learning zones each have a specific focus, offers support for learning & development and is led by internationally respected experts in each field. Zones offer Awareness building, leading onto practical Capability and onto formal Qualifications.

For Professional Development

We support THREE employer groups across the world, helping them to set-up learning groups which create specific awareness, capability and qualifications within our Learning Zones.

Choose from Team Membership or Individual Membership to enhance professional development within our SEDi Community.

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Individual & Family Development

We support individuals and families globally, to establish a broad awareness and the capability to create Emotional Safety & Resilience around them.

Through direct memberships, and those sponsored through our collaborations with Non-Profit organisations, we enable communities to access invaluable learning & development support across FIVE key areas.

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