SEDi is embedded within communities across the world, from Africa, to the Middle East, Asia to Europe. Through an enviable network of Country Partnerships and Community Alliances, SEDi represents the world’s largest collaborative community of like-minded professionals focused upon building grass-root capability for Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Strategic & Operational Partnerships

What propels SEDi internationally is the quality of the partnerships and alliances which embed the infrastructure into 4 regions of the world.

Country Partnerships take SEDi into countries, where Community Alliances connect SEDi into the heart of communities across Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. 

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Unique Portfolio of Expertise

Human Development sits at the heart of partnerships with some of the most respected experts across FIVE areas of social emotional development.

SEDi has created FIVE unique learning zones: Emotional Intelligence, Social Emotional Learning, Mindfulness, Trauma and Autism.

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A Dedicated Global Team

Behind SEDi is a dedicated team of independent specialists, business leaders and community leaders from across the world.

All have joined-forces to provide a unique community support and access to resources from the best in social emotional development

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