Plug-into SEDi

We recognised early on that our specific type of expertise, resources and overall dedicated learning, development and research infrastructure can add significant value to operational teams, strategic development teams and executive leadership within Public, Private and Third Sector organisations across the world.

So we have made it easy for anyone to plug-in one of our purpose designed, and uniquely delivered programmes. We also made sure that our programmes will seamlessly fit into existing projects/initiatives, and can even be adopted as part of the design for future activities.

We actively reach-out to offer this powerful support, and also welcome contacts to discuss how SEDi can best plug-into operations.

The SEDS Qualification Programme

We’ve created a unique professional development pathway, to meet an international need to address issues relating to community emotional wellbeing.

This is our unique internationally delivered, 27-month process which not only establishes a regulated qualified specialist capability, but then supports continuing professional development over 2-years – within real-time environments.

The Emotional Safety Programme

We’ve recognised an increase in workplace absence, performance issues and litigation which are all directly related to emotional stress, forcing employers to consider creating the structure to support Emotional Safety.

This 3-part programme provides employers with a “pick and mix” option to create their ideal structure, which will enable them to support Emotional Safety, whilst also being able to measure levels of Emotional Resilience.

The Emotional Capital in Young People

Our international programme enables countries, organisations and teams to now benchmark evolving youth emotional resilience – a new tangibility to underpin intellectual and physical development within education, youth development, rehabilitation and youth leadership.

We deploy a proprietary and rigorous process, using our global normative data to benchmark social emotional skills from age 12 upwards.