Plug-in SEDi Programmes

We’ve created programmes which seamlessly plug-into Public, Private and Third Sector organisations across the world; enabling them to achieve deeper impact and a tangibility over the long-term.

Programmes have been purpose designed to focus on specific outcomes and contain impact measurements to reveal/support Return on Investment calculations. SEDi enables a “plug-in” approach to enable teams to utilise our programmes as their own, whilst enjoying expertly designed resources and a hands-on learning and development support.

We actively offer this powerful support globally, and welcome direct contacts to discuss how SEDi can best support projects/interventions/operations.

A unique learning & development opportunity, access to FIVE specialist social emotional development subject areas; created by leading experts and provided through digital and local delivery.

The Emotional Safety Programme

This programme addresses the increase in workplace stress absence and trauma, to support how employers manage the full cost and impact of emotional distress at work; creating workplace Emotional Safety Management.

This is a 3-part solution offered as a “pick and mix” that allows managers and workers to undergo learning and development which ultimately creates emotionally safe environments; also giving employers chance to benchmark and monitor levels of Emotional Resilience across an entire workforce.

Emotional Wellbeing in Sport Programme

This comprehensive learning and development programme supports all sporting professionals, to firmly establish the awareness and competency for maintaining Emotional Wellbeing in sport.

This is a 3-part solution offered as a “pick and mix” for clubs & foundations. A Membership plug-in & go process to improve how teams and individual athletes harness emotions to maintain performance and mental wellbeing.

Emotional Capital in Young Leaders Programme

We’ve joined forces with world leaders RocheMartin to plug-in their acclaimed Emotional Capital model to the global youth leadership arena. RocheMartin’s approach has changed the leadership development landscape. 

A powerful digital access to Dr Martyn Newman underpins local workshops to take students into the Emotional Capital model and equips high-value emotional intelligence competencies, whilst building and benchmarking their leadership emotional resilience.