ResilientME is a community-based employee Resilience building workshop, it focuses upon Defining, Measuring and Building employee emotional awareness and the social emotional skills within Resilience. The workshop embeds the essential personal understanding and key processes required to self-maintain Resilience. An optional support is available for the workplace, in the form of a digital Continuous Professional Development (CPD) resource bank to keep skills and Resilience methodology in date.

Employers can quickly adopt this workshop as an in-house resource to equip whole teams of employees with the insight and skills to operate effectively within emotionally demanding situations/environments, where Resilience is required to enable them to bounce-back from actual or threats of violence in the workplace, or the vicarious trauma related to repeated exposure to harrowing or upsetting situations/case loads.

The 4 Value Elements:

Map of Resilience

The workshop begins with a comprehensive Emotional Capital assessment, the most rigorous and compelling way of measuring Resilience and Wellbeing, by benchmarking the emotional and social competencies linked to how well a person copes, and rebound from adversity. This scientific rigor underpins learning during ResilientME.

The workshop provides a detailed personal insight into existing levels of Resilience, and creates deep understanding of the 10x social emotional skills which determine existing Resilience. Learners leave with a clear understanding of how to boost their social emotional skills and to maintain Resilience – even under the most difficult of circumstances.

e-CPD Support

Employers have the option to add-in a support level of workplace learning, this is a 90-day “learning embed” resource following completion of the ResilientME workshop. This e-CPD resource is designed to fully refresh all of the learning undertaken, through videos, quizzes and a question & answer forum.

A Team Overview!

The final element of value for employers, is that we give a Holistic Emotional Capital Overview (HECO). This shows levels of Resilience across whole teams/organisations, broken-down into the 10x social emotional skills of Resilience. The beauty of this process is that employers can then periodically ask for a HECO to re-assess the scores to determine the change impact of their investment into building a Resilience workforce.