Student Emotional Resilience in 2018!

International social entrepreneur and emotional resilience specialist Jay Baughan set-out to provide students around the world with a unique learning community, totally dedicated to helping them better understand themselves as emotional beings and build the capability to harness their emotions, to be empowered with Emotional Resilience.

#ResilientStudent is a plug-in support for universities to provide a powerful welfare support for students entering university for the first time (especially when living away from home). Over the period of 12-months within this unique community, students learn to develop self-awareness and the skills to harness emotions, so as to establish positive relationships, avoid the emotional pitfalls which lead to anxiety and depression and be mindful of their emotional wellbeing.


Monthly Memberships!

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Every student can be enrolled into a Monthly Membership to provide them with a 365 day access to learning and development support within Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia – everyone enjoys a digital support and in specific cities we run monthly scheduled Meetups!

Monthly Membership:

£10 (or equivalent in local currency). 

A members package for students provides them with access to an enviable range of learning and development support and within a learning community totally dedicated to emotional resilience. The community guides them, helping build a strong understanding of themselves.

Mobile device access to digital channels connects them into monthly updates, with an aim to enable every student to become self-aware with the skills required to create a new type of Emotional Safety in their life.

Within The Membership

World Acclaimed Experts

Students need to trust the pedigree of what they use to learn with – because there are a lot of people selling rubbish out there. Jay has partnered with some of the most trusted experts in the fields of social emotional development, to give #ResilientStudent members a unique experience of learning. Read More

Understanding yourself, and what makes really you tick is the most important stage of student learning & development with us. So we’ve made sure that they can gain access to everything they need relating to: Emotional Intelligence, Autism, Trauma, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness. 

Online Learning With Relevance

We open-up many facets of self-awareness each month, and everything is grounded in science, practical application and easy to follow steps to skills development. Students can work within FIVE Learning Zones where they can find a host of courses (many of which are heavily subsidised). Everything includes key value-additions such as Webinars, and an AskTheExpert link to the course author. Courses also link directly into our Podcast and Video channels to support self- learning.

The Hub – #TalkResilience

Student membership comes with access to our unique extras!

  1. Webinars – we schedule complimentary 1 hr online each month where students can follow their favourite expert. (Please note there are limited places).
  2. Meetups – In certain cities around the world we host local gatherings where our experts provide face to face learning within a community feel – to learn LIVE!
  3. Podcasts – All our experts love to share their thoughts and tips on our channel for you listen to via our SoundCloud App on your mobile device. Complimentary access to a growing digital library.
  4. Interviews – Jay Baughan likes to get out and meet lots of people to hear their stories, which he posts on our channel for everyone to catch via our Vimeo app on mobile devices.
  5. Community Group – We use the power of Facebook to connect all our #ResilientStudent members together, for sharing and friendship grounded in the personal development process. We communicate directly through here to everyone.

Read more about #TalkResilience here…

It’s easy to join the ResilientStudent community

Monthly Membership:

£10 (or equivalent in local currency).