We’re Supporting A Global Learning & Development Community!

#ResilientMe was created by international social entrepreneur and emotional resilience specialist Jay Baughan, to meet a need for people to better understand themselves as emotional beings, and manage their emotional experiences.

A unique and global support initiative, #ResilientMe represents a dedicated self-development solution to address a global rise in stress-burnout, social disengagement, relationships break-up, depression and a general lack of emotional wellbeing.

Joining #ResilientMe connects you into an unrivalled development world, and the experts with the answers.

Annual Membership, Unrivalled Support!

Joining is easy, based upon an Annual Membership which unlocks a host of monthly learning and development benefits.

#ResilientMe is a digital environment which has roots in Europe, the Middle East and Africa – which means that we can also support you through scheduled Meetups in key cities!

Social Emotional Development is the name of the game, which means that we have collected together an enviable range of subject areas and the expertise to guide you onto building a strong understanding of yourself, then equipping your with the tools required to create a new type of Emotional Safety in your life.

Annual Membership:

£30 (or equivalent in local currency). 

Within Your Membership

World Acclaimed Experts

You need to trust the pedigree of what you use to learn with – because there are a lot of people selling rubbish out there. Within #ResilientMe you will be guided by some of the most trusted experts, and be using their acclaimed works to learn with.

Understanding yourself, and what makes really you tick is the most important stage in your learning and development process with us. So we’ve made sure that you can gain access to everything you need relating to: Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Autism, Trauma, Adverse Childhood Experiences and Social Emotional Learning. 

Learn via Technology

We’ve made sure that you can learn using a sophisticated and easy to use digital learning environment, which connects you directly into SEDi and will even introduce you to other #ResilientMe members across the world.

You’ll have access to Learning Zones to purchase heavily discounted courses, AskTheExpert course forums, as well direct access to our Podcast and Video channels to support your learning.


Here’s another really great aspect of being a community member…. Regular extras!

  1. Webinars – a schedule of complimentary 1 hr online events for you to join, follow your favourite expert. (Please note there are limited places).
  2. Meetups – In certain cities around the world we host local events where you can come along and join us – and fellow members – to learn LIVE! (Please note there are limited places).
  3. Podcasts – All our experts love to share their thoughts and tips on our channel for you listen to via our SoundCloud App on your mobile device. Complimentary access to a growing digital library.
  4. Videos – Jay Baughan likes to get out and meet lots of people to hear their stories, which he posts on our channel for you to catch via our Vimeo app on your mobile device.
  5. Community Group – We use the power of Facebook to connect all our #ResilientMe members together, for sharing and friendship grounded in the personal development process. We communicate directly through here to everyone.
  6. Measure Emotional Resilience – Our community enjoys member Discount to use the powerful measurement tool for Emotional Resilience, the acclaimed Emotional Capital Report (ECR).

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