Build Workforce Emotional Resilience

Emotional burnt-out, stress and trauma are all contributing factors to the rise in employee absence from the workplace. As we all know this has an impact on wider productivity, cohesion and engagement.

So, although there’s no specific Act of Parliament which controls stress in the workplace, there is ‘the employment relationship’ which is governed by law and any action may lie in ‘breach of contract’, if that action is deemed in ‘negligence’.

Our ResilientMe programme provides a CPD process creating team Emotional Resilience.

A Programme of Focused & Measurable CPD:

It Begins with a workshop!

We completely deconstruct Emotional Resilience, an interactive and insightful learning day goes deep into the Emotional and then the Resilience aspects, revealing the building blocks and a model to work with.

An individual emotional psychometric assessment reveals existing levels of individual Emotional Resilience, the metrics upon which to propel learning and development during the programme.

Development via eLearning

Over 6-months we support each workshop team to individually build Emotional Resilience in real-time. Our online learning environment guides and tracks development into a practical understanding.

At the end of the programme, we issue our international CPD certificate and a learning overview.

Employer Overview

For employers this programme creates a rigorous learning & development process which enables the holistic approach to defining, building then measuring Emotional Resilience.

A ground-breaking approach, it provides new metrics linked directly the area of employee wellbeing management within the workplace.

Available Internationally.

We recognise an international need for establishing workplace Emotional Resilience, whatever the size of operation.

Organisations globally can easily connect into the SEDi infrastructure to access the ResilientMe Programme, by choosing the size of programme which suits their need: