A Seamless Learning & Development Process.

ResilientYou is a purpose designed team CPD process for developing individual Emotional Resilience!

This is so much more than training, it’s a 6-month team learning and development process which creates individual self-awareness and builds social emotional skills which can be periodically measured to determine levels of Emotional Resilience.

Employers enrol their teams to create a dedicated self-development pathway, which is aligned to the working needs and specifically focused upon creating and supporting individual Emotional Safety.

Define, Measure & Build

ResilientYou is a globally established employee continuing professional development (CPD) process, we specifically designed it to be easily embedded into the day-to-day working environment as a solid way to underpin Emotional Safety.

Blended & Flexible.

An initial workshop, then leads into 6-monthly learning & development stages. We completely deconstruct and create new self-awareness and social emotional skills capability via interactive and insightful learning processes. This empowers individuals to self-develop their Emotional Resilience model for use in real-life.

We support each team member, using the latest in learning management within our online environment, to guide development into a practical capability.

Employer Overview

An individual emotional psychometric assessment reveals existing levels of individual Emotional Resilience upon which to build, metrics which underpin individual learning and development.

Employers gain a unique holistic insight & overview, from defining, measuring then building Emotional Resilience, revealing the dynamics of employee wellbeing development within the workplace.

Designed For Any Need.

We recognise the growing need for establishing workplace Emotional Resilience, whatever the size of operation. Employers can easily connect into the Emotional Safety Programme to access ResilientYou. Simply choose a Band to suit the size of programme you want to run: