An international human development leader, Jay Baughan has worked in the field of change and turnaround since 1988, his specialism is developing emotional resilience.

Jay is passionate about creating a tangible grass-root capability to support the building of measurable emotional resilience in adults, young people and children. He has spent a lifetime learning and studying emotional development, and taking SEDi into community life to help individuals and groups to build their Emotional Resilience is now his focus.

Leaving behind a corporate career in 2008, Jay began an arduous international journey of research, development and testing which lasted 8 years. His mission was to create a rigorous community learning and development model which would embed a new specialist capability within communities, support the building of Emotional Resilience, then measure the impact in adults and young people.

Jay has formed international alliances and partnerships throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia which now takes the SEDi model into countries to support educational, healthcare, community and workplace environments.

His key partnerships with RocheMartin, Highfield Qualifications and CloudStuff have enriched SEDi with an enviable array of expertise, resources, and technological capability which enable Jay to expand the scale of support for Emotional Resilience in some of the most challenged environments. Over the coming years, Jay intends to build the largest community of qualified specialists in social emotional development practice, and to provide the insight and metrics that lift the lid on evolving Emotional Resilience.

A popular international and TEDx speaker, Jay blends together the science of emotional development with a big dose of real community life to give audiences fascinating insights from around the world, and the very clear “how to” process for building and maintaining Emotional Resilience.

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