Jay Baughan has worked professionally in the field of transformational change and turnaround since 1988, his specialism is developing emotional resilience. A social entrepreneur and the founder and driving force behind SEDi, he has collaborated extensively to create the international community support initiative SESA.

In 2008, Jay made the conscious decision to leave behind a corporate career, following a devastating period of time emotionally and financially. He began his study of emotional science and the psychology of resilience, where he established a specialist approach to change consultancy and began lecturing, introducing emotional transition and resilience to young university students.

The SEDi story started in 2012 when Jay was commissioned by agents for the Federal Government of Nigeria to create a solution for youth re-integration linked to issues with employability under its Presidential Amnesty Program. From here, Jay began a global journey of design and testing to create a learning, development and research infrastructure to equip communities with the capability to create emotional safety, and to build Emotional Resilience in young people and children.

Today Jay enjoys enviable international alliances and partnerships throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia which enable him to provide a global learning, development and research support for educational, healthcare, community and workplace environments. His alliance with RocheMartin brings a world first in the benchmarking and measurement of youth emotional resilience, starting at age 12 years old. He provides participating countries with powerful new Human Development metrics by Age, Gender, Nationality and Location

A popular international and TEDx speaker, Jay blends together the science of emotional development with a big dose of real community life to give audiences fascinating insights from around the world, and the very clear “how to” process for building and maintaining Emotional Resilience.

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