A powerful new learning & development support is embedded within Ghana through its Traditional Leadership in the House of Chiefs, its community schools within the 10 regions, and through collaborations with many established Non-Profit organisations. 

From this position, it supports the creation of powerful new professional capability within Education, Healthcare, Public Services and supports existing community projects, by providing professional development and a variety of learning & development on the ground for families and young people.

SEDi is present full-time in Accra, our team is led by James Kwesi Addison who  establishing a new Emotional Resilience deep within Ghana’s communities.

The Nananom Educational Development Programme

Paramount Chief Osabarima Otsibu VI joined forces with SEDi to provide Ghana with a dedicated educational development programme, a Nananom led initiative connects educational settings into a teacher professional development process which will ultimately see schools taking a central role in addressing Ghana’s growing need for youth engagement, emotional resilience and social inclusion.

Phase One (October 2017 to November 2018): is supporting 191 schools within the Central Region. This provides accredited professional development for 1,374 teachers across FIVE specialist areas: Emotional Intelligence, Autism, Trauma & ACEs, Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness.

31,265 children and young people will ultimately benefit from Phase One, where teachers (and trainee teachers) will be equipped with the capability to deliver Social Emotional Development, with SEDi measuring evolving youth Emotional Resilience.

Public, Private & Non-Profit Sectors

Since May 2017 we’ve been supporting Public, Private and Non-Profit teams to establish a professional awareness of Emotional Safety within communities. The Emotional Safety Programme provides employers and teams with the access to a host of learning & development which then enables them to create emotionally safe environments through public services, healthcare and youth development.

Public Services Teams:

Over 2,300 professionals and volunteers are members of the SEDi learning & development Zones , undertaking professional development across FIVE specialist areas. SEDi supports members through a mix of digital delivery and locally provided workshops.

By December 2018, the objective is that 10,000 professionals and volunteers will complete and become certified in FIVE specialist areas of Social Emotional Development, which will include qualified practitioners able to establish, manage and develop Emotional Safety.

Emotional Wellbeing for International Charities & Agencies

SEDi operates an emotional wellbeing support and research hub in Ghana, to help charities and agencies prepare teams for operations across West Africa. This unique service is dedicated to building and then maintaining emotional resilience for employees & volunteers, who are exposed to dangerous or/and emotionally distressing environments.

Tracking Evolving Emotional Resilience in Young People

In February 2017, we pioneered the way for the measurement of Emotional Resilience in African young people, undertaking the largest survey of youth social emotional skills ever in West and South Africa. It produced invaluable insights, enabling educators and youth charities the first glimpse of existing Emotional Resilience from age 12 to 19 years; which was broken down into Age, Gender, Nationality and Location.

This significant normative data enabled SEDi and expert partner RocheMartin to create a dedicated emotional psychometric, which is now used to benchmark social emotional skills by demographics drawn from across West and South Africa – as well as the Middle East and Europe.

During 2018, as part of the wider community support within Africa, SEDi is collaborating with charities, agencies and the public sectors to benchmark evolving social emotional skills within education and youth development projects to provide valuable insight and Human Development metrics.