Position yourself as key specialist in a global marketplace!

Internationally, there are thousands of professionals and volunteers operating within the fields of Human Development, Health & Safety, Learning & Development, Safeguarding, Health and Social Care.

Whether they realise it or not, they determine whether environments are emotionally safe and if adults, young people and children are developing an ability to be emotionally resilient.

Look around the world and you won’t find progressive qualification processes that ensure that professionals and volunteers meet a specialist criteria to safely and competently work with the Emotions, Emotional Needs and Social Emotional Skills of the adults, young people and children they support.

For this very reason, SEDi has pioneered the way to establish a specialist capability over 24 months. This is achieved through regulated qualification process which then connects into continuing professional development to enable skills to create the desired impact – the creation of emotionally safe environments and the building of emotionally resilient adults, young people and children.