Key facts

Qualification Number: 603/1236/1
Credit Value: 6
Assessment Method: Multiple-choice examination and written assignments
Guided Learning Hours (GLH): 25
Total Qualification Time (TQT): 61

Qualify in Social Emotional Development Practice!

We’ve created a unique professional development pathway, to meet an international need. SEDS provides a robust regulated qualification process and then continuing professional development which supports a specialist approach to creating emotional safety, and the building of measurable emotional resilience in adults, young people and children.

Available globally, SEDS underpins the human impact within Human Development, Health & Safety, Learning & Development, Safeguarding, Health and Social Care.

SEDS is a proprietary qualification, a world first for professionals and volunteers internationally. This Level 3 Award in Social Emotional Development Practice, is accredited by the regulators of England’s Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and provided internationally.

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Curriculum of Specialist Subjects

SEDS is grounded in the rigor of emotional science, distilled into modules and delivered through a facilitated blended learning and development process. There are THREE specialist subjects:

Emotions: the science behind emotions, first how the brain and emotions are linked, then breaking down the definitions and identification of emotions. Lastly spotting universal emotions in others and correctly identifying the types of emotions experiences being witnessed;

Emotional Needs: the science behind the powerful area of human needs, firstly what the universal needs are and how they drive powerful emotions and thinking, then the process of mapping and analysing prevailing positive/negative emotional experiences;

Social Emotional Skills: the science behind emotional intelligence, firstly the construct of emotional competencies which break-down into building blocks to clusters into powerful social emotional skills, which then can be developed to forge a measurable emotional resilience.

And There’s More!

The qualification is not the end of the SEDS journey. SEDi provides all newly qualified specialists with the support to embed their skills and broaden their impact, 24 months of continuing professional development for them to work through and then re-qualify for FREE.

Join The SEDS Qualification Journey Today!

We’ve built a lot into the process of becoming a specialist in social emotional development practice, with cost of enrolment set the same across the world:

£1,500 per person (or the equivalent in local currencies).

  • 90-days of facilitated blended learning and development into qualification – Workshops, eLearning, Webinars, eResources, vLogs and Assessments.
  • A Level 3 Award in Social Emotional Development Practice, which is regulated in England and awarded internationally.
  • 24 months free membership to the SEDi infrastructure giving unrivalled access resources, events, forums and social networks.
  • 24 months of continuing professional development support from SEDi experts around the world, including quarterly development webinars and digital learning events.
  • A listing on the SEDi international register of “Specialists in Social Emotional Development Practice”, our approved community of practice.