The SESA Initiative was created by Jay Baughan, Founder of SEDi and international social entrepreneur. His objective being to establish Social Emotional Skills Academy (SESA) locations within community education settings to support the creation of Emotional Safety and building of Emotional Resilience.

Jay formed a number Country Alliances to provide access into countries and enable him to embed SEDi as the infrastructure through which capability could be created to build Emotional Resilience across Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

The SESA Initiative is a community of educational and community environments which are dedicated Social Emotional Skills Academy (SESA) locations, interconnected across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Embedded into communities, these centres of excellence in Social Emotional Development Practice are fully equipped to build and sustain Emotional Resilience in adults and young people.

Each SESA location is uniquely supported within the SEDi infrastructure, to cascade powerful learning & development out into the wider community and to champion the building of Emotional Resilience.

Unlike any initiative in the world today, SESA sets out to provides unique insight and metrics from the data capture within Africa, the Middle East and Europe, a rigorous emotional psychometric benchmark of youth Emotional Resilience by Age, Gender, Nationality and Location.

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