Emotional Safety & Resilience, we’re building the capability!

SESA is the signature initiative from SEDi, providing a national learning & development environment which equips Educators and Youth Leaders to build Emotional Safety within their community.

Emotional Safety Through Educational Centres of Excellence!

We’re transforming education settings into centres of excellence within countries. By establishing professional capability across FIVE domains of Social Emotional Development, we help establish a national network of specialist locations which can provide the support for Emotional Safety & Resilience within their communities.

Emotional Safety Through Community Youth Leaders!

Being embedded into communities, we’ve established a global approach to equip young leaders with the qualified capability to build Emotional Safety & Resilience within and around them. Our unique approach is establishing a powerful youth leadership capability and national networks of youth specialists, to influence Emotional Safety & Resilience within their communities.

SEDi founder Jay Baughan created SESA as a global vehicle through which to underpin powerful change deep within communities across the world.

A social entrepreneur, he then developed a dedicated approach to connect philanthropists and marketeers deep into communities, through safe links into education networks and local non-profits who operate to support young people.

Through his networking activities and public appearances, Jay raises awareness of SESA programmes inside communities, lifting the lid on the scale and process which is creating education and youth leader capability linked to community Emotional Safety & Resilience.

#PluggedIN is a vehicle which connects individuals and brands into communities, through dedicated programme sponsorship, which crowdfunds across philanthropy and brand marketing. Find out more….