The SEDi infrastructure is embedded into 6-countries within Africa, through the signature SESA initiative. We’re providing communities with a unique access our FIVE learning zones and resources to build capability for Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Since 2012, we’ve been forging links deep into traditional leadership, NGOs, Foundations and community networks through a dedicated process of alliances and partnerships with like-minded individuals and organisations from within these countries.

From West Africa down to South Africa, SEDi is now trusted to provide an environment for community-wide learning and development, supporting how communities building the capability for Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Our SESA programmes in West Africa run through the traditional leadership; chieftency led capability building in education and youth leadership!

SEDi in Africa

SEDi evolved from Africa, with Jay Baughan supporting Nigeria to address youth reintegration through the Federal Amnesty Program. Today, through our signature SESA initiative, the SEDi infrastructure supports  capability within communities across Africa. Our unique in-country partnerships are establishing community capability to build Emotional Safety & Resilience.


Ghana is the Africa hub for SEDi in Africa, led by our Africa Director James Kwesi Addison. Within Ghana, SESA programmes are capability building within schools, faith centres and existing non-profit projects. Find out more.


We’ve been supporting youth development in Nigeria since 2012, starting in the Niger Delta region. Nationally SEDi is focused upon underpinning NGOs, to build youth leadership which influences cohesion, social enterprise and community safety. Find out more.


The newest country SEDi is supporting, the focus in Liberia is upon supporting a new national youth leadership capability; to underpin cohesion, integration and peer-led Emotional Safety & Resilience development. Find out more.

South Africa

South Africa was the 3rd Africa country to be supported by SEDi, with specific focus on youth leadership, and supporting professional development across community-facing Public and Private teams. Find out more.


Zambia is a strategically important country for SEDi in Africa, to eventually support the SADC with the roll-out of SESA’s youth leadership programme, initially capability building within Zambia’s schools, faith centres and existing non-profit projects. Find out more.


Uganda is a key African country for SEDi, with focus on helping establish educational capability to supports community learning in the areas of Emotional Safety & Resilience. Additionally, we seek to establish a strong national national youth leadership capability. Find out more.