Build a Specific Capability!  

SESA is our dedicated global support for education and care settings, helping them transform into Centres of Excellence in child emotional safety & development provision. 

We provide a unique membership-based access to our comprehensive learning, development and research infrastructure which is dedicated to FIVE domains of social emotional development.

The objective is for teams to utilise our expert-rich resources and support to establish a whole-school professional development capability which enables them to seamlessly practice child emotional safety & development, and to play a major community role in building future emotional resilience to tackle wellbeing, health and social issues.

Membership opens-up a unique access to our infrastructure, the whole setting can plug-into a cutting-edge digital and local support footprint.

Flexible Learning & Development

We know that time is precious, so we’ve created an adaptable way to help teams to learn-on-the-move.

Our use of micro-learning uses digital channels and local learning within each of the FIVE learning zones. This enables teams to learn when they can, all coordinated through our Learning Management System. Learning and development is based upon micro-learning to provide small, bite-sized and progressive learning units which gradually build and embed knowledge within each of the learning zone areas.

Our awarding body partner connects professional development into higher education establishments globally, whilst also aligning into professionally recognised units/certifications/qualifications – to post-graduate Level 7.


#sesaEducation is a member community, where we support the whole setting to transform professionally over the years. We’re setting new national standards of provision, and so members can build a unique status through our quality standards linked to continuing professional development.

Membership is annual:

Join through our PluggedIN process for sponsorship, or contact us directly to discuss independent sign-up and payment.

Small Setting (less than 20 staff) – Bronze Membership

Medium Setting (20 to 100 staff) – Silver Membership

Large Setting (over 100 staff) – Gold Membership