SEDi’s regional hub in Dubai supports countries across the Middle East.

SESA Middle East establishes learning & development environments within countries, unique access to FIVE learning zones and the resources needed to build new capability for Emotional Safety & Resilience.

From Dubai, we reach into education networks, youth development organisations, NGOs and Foundations across the Middle East through TWO key partnerships with established Arabic organisations.

Together we’re taking SESA into countries, providing learning and development which is related to capability building for Emotional Safety & Resilience.

In Dubai, SEDi played a key role as part of the Executive Council’s 2018 Creative Labs, helping shape capability building for Mental Health linked to the key objectives within #Vision2021.

Key Capability Building

SESA Middle East provides TWO dedicated programmes which enable countries to build the necessary capability within Education and Youth Leadership; home-grown support for Emotional Safety & Resilience within communities.

Capability within Schools & Nurseries

Across the Middle East our unique whole-setting membership embeds internationally accredited professional development across FIVE domains of Social Emotional Development: Emotional Intelligence, Child Trauma & Adverse Childhood Experiences, Social Emotional Learning, Mindfulness and Autism.

Expert-created CPD builds certified team capability to support Emotional Safety & Resilience for children, young people. Find out more

New Youth Leadership Capability

We’re establishing a new youth leader in the Middle East; equipped to build Emotional Capital within and around them.

#sesaYOUTH is based-upon the acclaimed international leadership development model used by top brands. Expert-led learning & development establishes cutting-edge skills grounded in Emotional Intelligence through a certification pathway, for the next generation of young leaders. Find out more