#sesaYOUTH is a dedicated to establishing a new African youth leadership capability through existing NGOs, Faith Networks, Traditional Leadership and Charities. Specialist young leaders able to positively influence Emotional Safety & Resilience within their communities.

Specialist Young Community Leaders

Africa’s population as a whole is very young, with 60% of the entire continent aged below 25.

African youth is described as a lost generation, with growing disengagement and extreme behaviours. But studies reveal how youths who do not engage in violence, are making their own livelihood in a system that is viewed to have failed them.

Our #sesaYOUTH programme is purpose designed to establish the youth specialists within communities, who can support youth development, whilst influencing Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Leadership & Emotional Intelligence: Building a practical understanding of the science of Emotions and Emotional Needs required for Emotional Safety, along with the leadership and social emotional development capability required to build Emotional Resilience within the community.

Trauma & Adverse Childhood Experiences: Building a solid understanding of “Trauma” and the capability to support early identification of young people who have experienced trauma, being the community specialists in how to address critical mental health issues.

A Qualification Pathway

The #sesaYOUTH programme is embedded into the heart of communities across Africa, as a continual capability building process. Its unique design and deployment, reaches youth communities through NGOs, Faith Networks, Traditional Leadership and Charities. 

Internationally, the programme is led by SEDi Founder Jay Baughan, and features learning and development from experts such as: Dr Martyn Newman and Floyd Woodrow, Jim Sporleder, Dr Nadine Burke-Harris and Jane Evans:

  • Structured 12-month, Progressive Process – a 4-part learning, development and qualification process builds a broad professional capability and specialism;
  • Specialist Curriculum – broad subject areas span leadership and social emotional development practice, establishing youth specialists; 
  • Infrastructure & Qualification – Deploying the latest in digital resources, blended with locally facilitated learning & development, leading-into a regulated international Level 3 qualification;
  • Measurability – Utilising a rigorous emotional psychometric assessment to track individual and collective social emotional skills.
  • International Alumni – Qualification leads into long-term SEDi alumni membership and continuing professional development (CPD) support.

Leading-Edge Assessment & Metrics

There are many ways of measuring leadership capability, by far the most credible and compelling way is to benchmark specific social and emotional competencies.

#sesaYOUTH maps evolving leadership capability and resilience, using the world’s first benchmark tool which hosts youth normative data, from young people aged 12 years upwards in Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

The Emotional Capital Report (ECR™) is a scientifically developed psychometric from world leaders RocheMartin; used across the world to measure leadership capability within multi-national corporations.

Our unique global youth normative database provides the programme with a powerful tangibility, defined as youth Emotional Capital.

We’re Building Capability

Across Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe the #sesaYOUTH programme forms the largest support for a hard-to-reach demographic…. YOUTH!

Through our community alliances within countries, we provide monthly cohorts to establish 120,000 qualified youth leaders in social emotional development practice.

#PluggedIN is our dedicated Sponsorship vehicle, which exists to sponsor the enrollment of  young people into #sesaYOUTH cohorts within countries.