“We need a specialist youth leadership capability within communities, to positively influence and guide children and young people to build the self-awareness and skills for emotional resilience. The new leaders of emotional safety within their communities.” 

  • A Structured 12-month Pathway – a modulated learning, development and qualification pathway fully facilitated within the community, utilising the latest in workshop and digital delivery;
  • Specialist Curriculum – blending 3 acclaimed learning models into one curriculum to establish a specialist, trauma informed, leadership and social emotional development capability;
  • Practical Assessment & Qualification – in-the-community learning facilitated through modules, assessed monthly against practical application and guided towards final qualification;
  • Measurability – a rigorous emotional psychometric assessment to benchmark individual and collective leadership competencies, and evolving emotional resilience;
  • International Alumni – qualification leads onto long-term alumni membership and continuing professional development (CPD) for ongoing re-qualification.

Specialist Curriculum

#seasYOUTH features acclaimed learning models from internationally renowned experts Dr Martyn Newman, Floyd Woodrow MBE and Jim Sporleder. 

Leadership & Social Emotional Development: establishing a cutting-edge leadership capability, seamlessly blended with a practical understanding of Emotions and Emotional Needs for emotional safety, and how to to build Emotional Resilience.

Adverse Childhood Experiences: establishing a practical understanding for the identification of early trauma in children and young people, and how to navigate trauma within peer-to-peer mentoring.

Leading-Edge Assessment & Metrics

There are many ways of measuring leadership capability, by far the most credible and compelling way is to benchmark specific social and emotional competencies.

#sesaYOUTH measures evolving leadership competencies and the skills for emotional resilience; using the world’s first benchmark tool which hosts youth normative data from across Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

The Emotional Capital Report (ECR™) is a scientifically developed psychometric from world leaders RocheMartin; used across the world to measure leadership capability within multi-national corporations.

#sesaYOUTH provides powerful insights and metrics across the world; defined as the Emotional Capital in Young Leaders.

Enabling a New Capability

We’re supporting community groups such as: NGOs, Faith Networks, Traditional Leadership and Foundations/Charities across Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

They connect into #sesaYOUTH to equip their young leaders with the qualified capability to influence the building of Emotional Safety & Resilience within communities.

#PluggedIN is SEDi’s dedicated Sponsorship development vehicle led by Jay Baughan, specifically created to connect communities into Philanthropy and Corporate Brands, to build this vital youth leadership capability and enrich community life around the world.

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