We’re Equipping The Leaders of Tomorrow!

For 20 years research has told us that in addition to cognitive intelligence, to be successful in leadership you need Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

There are clear links between specific social emotional skills and outstanding leadership success. The leaders of tomorrow can now be fully equipped with a deep self-awareness and the social and emotional repertoire we call Emotional Capital.

SEDi and RocheMartin have joined forces, to globally support countries to equip their young leaders with this rich repertoire of Emotional Capital. 


Emotional Capital in Young Leaders Programme

A unique youth leadership programme, grounded in 20 years of proven international leadership development expertise. It’s available throughout Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Led by internationally acclaimed emotional intelligence and leadership expert Dr Martyn Newman, this powerful SEDi programme provides a seamless plug-in for advanced leadership development:

  • 12-months building self-awareness and the social emotional skills found in today’s  most successful leaders;
  • Deploying the latest in digital resources, blended with locally supported learning & development leading to international certification;
  • Underpinned by leading-edge emotional psychometric assessment to track evolving Emotional Capital.

RocheMartin are recognised globally for their support of leadership excellence within brands such as: Sky, Ernst & Young, Quick Silver, Exxon Mobil, Boeing, MARS.

We Define & Measure Emotional Capital in Young Leaders

With many ways of measuring leadership capability, by far the most credible and compelling way is to benchmark specific social and emotional competencies.

The Emotional Capital Report (ECR™) is a scientifically developed psychometric, used across the world to measure leadership capability within multi-national corporations. Our global youth normative database is a world first, enabling the programme to pioneer in Defining, Benchmarking and Building youth Emotional Capital for leadership excellence and resilience.

International Collaboration

Through the flagship SESA initiative across Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe, SEDi is collaborating with non-profit organisations, to plug them into the programme and create the largest single community of young leaders with the capability for building Emotional Capital within, and around them.

SEDi also collaborates with philanthropists, foundations and corporate sponsors who play a part in the creation of this community, and in creating future leaders with the capability for Emotional Capital.