“Mental resilience is not something that all participants and coaches automatically have and should be developed with the same consideration that physical resilience is built.” Baroness Grey-Simpson

Your Team: Build a powerful group capability across FIVE specialist areas of Emotional Wellbeing. Expert-led CPD pathways, enable sports coaches, welfare officers and support staff to factor-in key areas of emotional development & needs, measurement emotional resilience and methods to build emotional strength. Empower your entire staff to help athletes to harness their emotions into their performance, and overcome life’s difficulties, set-backs and distress in a positive rather than destructive way.

Your Athletes: Create a unique support for all your athletes, with personal membership to a dedicated personal development and support environment focused upon their emotional strength. This purpose created environment is just for athletes, and is led by former international pro-rugby and emotional strength expert star Mark Russell. SEDi provides members with an expert environment to learn and develop – digital resources, 1:2:1 coaching, workshops and real-life sports insights into building capability to harness emotions into every area of life.

Awareness, Capability & Qualifications

Professional Development in FIVE Specialist Areas

Unique learning & development which builds multiple layers of professional competency in FIVE areas. 

Our CPD resources are practice based, with assessment processes designed and delivered by acclaimed experts. Gradual learning & development leads into Recognition of Prior Learning for qualifications – moderated by independent Academic establishments.

Digital & Local Support

Time is a precious commodity for any professional, so we’ve ensured learning & development support is available both digitally and locally. 

Members can learn on the move by utilising their mobile devices, whilst scheduling time for local learning & development events. Every month, each of the FIVE learning zones push-out Free and Subsidised resources to members across the world.

Become a Member

The way to access our support environment is through a monthly Membership. This is for whole teams, and for individual coaches, welfare officers and support staff. Everyone can join our unique environment. 

Our mission is to provide sport with capability to blend-in a new and powerful professional capability to their work, without breaking the bank!

TWO Membership enable everyone to plug-into SEDi and start-up professional development to dramatically improve Emotional Strength & Wellbeing in sport.

Choose one of the following Membership options:

Team Membership: £260 per month 

A whole team can connect-in, each creating their own Account.

Individual Membership: £10 per person per month 

This membership helps individuals to build their professional capability.

Provide Support For Your Athletes

SEDi founder Jay Baughan joined forces with former international rugby professional and seasoned emotional strength coach Mark Russell to create this unique ‘blended support’ for athletes; focused entirely upon creating deep self-awareness and the skills required for tangible emotional strength.

This dedicated, membership based community, uses personal learning & development to support athletes of all ages. Members plug-into our purpose designed digital resources, self-assessments, online learning and even 1:2:1 coaching with Mark Russell.

ResilientMe exists to help individuals to quickly grasp the “basics” of their social emotional skills, and then ‘fine tune’ these skills within real-life situations – personally supported by Jay Baughan and Mark Russell.

Membership is just £40 per person, per month. This unlocks a world of invaluable resources and support.

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