“Mental resilience is not something that all participants and coaches automatically have and should be developed with the same consideration that physical resilience is built.” Baroness Grey-Simpson

“Sport needs to empower coaching and welfare teams to establish a new standard of emotional wellbeing, which prevents emotional harm, whilst boostsing emotional resilience.” Jay Baughan Founder, SEDi.

Create a Professional Awareness & Qualified Standard for Emotional Wellbeing

If sport puts an emphasis on building emotional strength, it will help individuals to better cope with difficulties, set-backs and distress, in a positive rather than destructive way!

It’s coaching and welfare staff who are the key influencers who can build individual capability to deal effectively with the thoughts and feelings which drive their behaviour, by identifying and managing their emotions rather than becoming overwhelmed by them.

Emotional Wellbeing in Sport is our targeted professional development initiative, which gives coaching and welfare staff a significant working understanding of mental health, whilst also establishing a qualified capability to build emotionally strong individuals.

We Take You Below The Water Line!

Essential for every coach and welfare professional. You won’t find this anywhere else. Build a solid working understanding across FOUR Key areas: Emotions & Emotional Needs; Autism & Low Arousal Approaches; Trauma & ACEs; and Social Emotional Learning.

Powerful online learning across FOUR modules – each designed & presented by acclaimed experts. Find out more!

Qualify & Stand Out From The Crowd!

Qualify to become a specialist in Social Emotional Development. Establish leading-edge credentials, qualify as a specialist in emotional safety and the building of emotional resilience.

Join the world’s first regulated qualification programme, an expertly designed 27-month process which creates specialists in developing emotional wellbeing in adults and young people. Find out more.