SEDi is a discreet but powerful addition to public, private and non-profit sectors within any country. We add a very specific and tangible support which underpins all areas of a country’s Human Development activities. 

We bring learning, development and research linked to the complex areas of Social Emotional Development; awareness and capability which is so often found missing from education, health and social care, community life and within families.

We bridge the gaps between Emotional Intelligence, Autism and Trauma, long before focusing upon building the social emotional skills required for lasting Emotional Resilience.

The SEDi infrastructure spans Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia operating through networks of trusted partners to carry us deep into communities.

Multiple layers within SEDi provide a genuine uniqueness to how we operate and support teams, individuals and families. From the specialist areas and design of supported learning & development, through to how Social Emotional Development reaches everyone through our “Plug-in & Go” model, and finally to how we benchmark evolving Emotional Resilience as part of ground-breaking research services.

The objective is clear, creating the community awareness and capability which builds Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Strategic & Operational Partnerships

What propels SEDi internationally is the quality of the partnerships which embed the infrastructure within their networks!

We work closely with partners to position Social Emotional Development as a solution for a country, enabling whole communities to plug-into a structure that supports a very specific and tangible process for learning & development.

Since 2012,  our Founder Jay Baughan has been building strategic and operational partnerships which embed us into countries within Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Read More

Unique Portfolio of Expertise

Human Development within all countries is dependent upon how professionals and communities understand and work with FIVE areas which influence thinking and behaviour, health and wellbeing.

Emotional Intelligence, Autism, Trauma & ACEs, Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness are FIVE fields which directly impact upon, or enhance Human Development.

SEDi blends-together all FIVE into an enviable learning portfolio, all led by leading experts in each field. Read more

A Digital & Local Support

Human Development requires that we reach large numbers and create the awareness and a capability linked to Emotional Safety and Resilience. Public, private and non-profit sector teams across the world can now deploy an extra dimension and tangibility to their activities.

We spent 2 years creating an international digital and local footprint. We used tried and tested industry methodology for delivering large-scale learning & development support within countries we support – support totally dedicated to FIVE areas of Social Emotional Development. Read More

A Dedicated Global Team

Team SEDi is a global community in every sense. Each person became involved because they saw how SEDi represents an exciting solution. Some have been with us since the beginning – standing side-by-side with founder Jay Baughan as he navigated the complexities, politics, and challenges. Others joined us later, having seen the opportunity to deliver social impact where gaps/need exists.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that learning & development reaches everyone and can be nurtured and sustained – irrespective of the geography. Read More