Team SEDi is global group of trusted professionals, from different locations and a variety of professional backgrounds. Each has fully invested themselves into helping Jay Baughan to establish a powerful community support! 

Today SEDi’s reach into communities spans Europe, the Middle Eas, Africa and Asia; representing a significant footprint and digitally-backed support. Team SEDi operates this learning, development and research infrastructure which is connected into communities; focus each day is to support the creation of Emotional Safety, and the building of Emotional Resilience.

Robin Seymour (CloudStuff) – Chief Technology Officer

Robin is the co-founder and executive director of CloudStuff, an established cloud solutions organisation who support major retail and logistics brands across the world. CloudStuff provides the technology which sits behind SEDi, Robin has been instrumental in the technical development of SEDi since 2012.

His specific focus is on the digital operating system, where he leads SEDi’s technological capacity development and contingency planning, to future-proof the ERP for a significant global community use.

Aled Owen – Ops & Logistics Director

Aled joined the British Army in the early 1980’s, going on to serve 22 years in which he attained the rank of Warrant Officer Class 2. He was commended twice for work carried out under extremely testing operational environments, and spent 12 years living and working in hostile and dangerous environments.

Aled joined Jay in 2013, supporting his Nigerian developments and went-on to play a pivotal role in developing SEDi’s operational aspects. He now oversees all operational and logistical procedures and processes, supporting country partners to plug-in the range of SEDi Programmes.

Rob Whiskens – Development Director (Emotional Safety)

Rob Whiskens has worked internationally within the fields of Emotional Development since the late 1990’s. Specifically Rob brings a broad range of professional experiences from operating within the specialist field of Autism, where he’s coordinated Asperger syndrome specific outreach teams, supported large autism/Asperger specific services teams, and provided specialist training and consultancy.

Rob leads SEDi’s specialist Emotional Safety learning and development provision, focused on education, criminal justice and care sectors involved with: Asperger syndrome, autism, supported living, social support, and the management of challenging behaviour.

James Kwesi Addison – Regional Director (Africa)

James was the first ever Ghanaian certified emotional intelligence coach facilitated by ClearPoint Leadership Strategies on behalf of MHS Inc. He sits on the boards of a number of Third Sector and Education groups, and was a lecturer with Regent University College (Ghana), the University of Cape Coast and was the Deputy Accra Representative of the University in charge of Protocol and Consular Services between the period of 2001 to 2003.

James leads Pan-African developments for SEDi, as Africa Director where he champions the indigenous skills creation within these sectors as part of SEDi’s Emotional Resilience objective.

Sanjana Bhardwaj – Associate Director Child Safety Development

Sanjana has over two decades of experience in the field of sustainable development in United Arab Emirates, Myanmar, Australia and India focusing on social protection needs of vulnerable children, women and people with disability. She has led technical advisory services to policy makers and strategic planners in government, non-government and UN agencies on child protection, disability inclusion and gender based violence, and has designed and conducted community based research in several areas including child trafficking and exploitation.

Sanjana leads SEDi’s international PluggedIn activities, connecting NGOs and international agencies, Foundations and Philanthropic networks into SEDi’s infrastructure to support the creation of Emotional Safety around the world.

Mark Russell – Associate Director Emotional Wellbeing in Sport

Mark is an ex-professional rugby player, and established EQ and Happiness coach who specialises in building emotional intelligence & strengths. Mark has published articles and delivered talks on how enhanced Emotional Intelligence drives stellar performance, and is a member of the Executive Committee for the International Foundation for Action Learning responsible for Strategic Development.

Mark leads SEDi’s Emotional Wellbeing in Sport programme and the international support for skills enhancement within community, academy and intervention Sport environments.

Ian Picken – Associate Director Global Education Development

Ian has extensive international experience from executive level roles with global brands across education services, consulting and events management. Ian also supports a number of global organisations through non-executive roles which are focused on providing schools and colleges with the robust framework of skills and metrics to enable them to offer the highest level of social and emotional support and development.

Ian leads our EducationSEDi initiative globally, a dedicated support for education and early years settings; to transform them into centres of excellence in social emotional skills provision. He is establishing partnerships with other education focused businesses to collaborate for greater penetration of SES within schools and universities.

Faculties: Our Subject Expert Partners

We’ve joined forces with some of the most respected and accomplished expert individuals and organisations across a variety of fields within Social Emotional Development. SEDi provides an unparalleled and highly credible range of expertise and resources. Find out more