The SEDi story began in 2012, with Founder Jay Baughan being engaged to support the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Their need centred around underpinning youth re-integration and employability within Nigeria’s most high profile initiative linked to regional cohesion; the Presidential Amnesty Program” (PAP). This multi-million social investment was a strategic initiative to cement national security through youth development and vocation skills training and for re-integration through employability within the oil and gas region of Nigeria.

Jay’s work extended to include supporting community enterprise development, by working through indigenous NGOs and Foundations. In Kogi State he led negotiations for a Public Private Partnership with the Ministry of Mining & Steel Development, to established a national learning and development base – set within 24 acres of redundant government Steel Works’ infrastructure.

Today, SEDi supports Africa from both Nigeria and Ghana, reaching down to South Africa.

The SESA Initiative is the creation of Jay to underpin education, youth development and healthcare by transforming community locations into Social Emotional Skills Academy (SESA) centres of excellence – staffed by qualified specialists who are supported to build emotional resilience.