You Can Build Emotional Resilience

Membership of the Emotional Safety programme provides community employers with a unique plug-in learning, development and research environment. 

Our #ResilientYou plug-in enables employers to establish a long-term workforce development environment to support emotional safety. A seamless environment which creates and maintains individual self-awareness and the social emotional skills for emotional resilience – through ongoing Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Long-term Emotional Safety Support

Launched in 2016, #ResilientYou is a robust plug-in to underpin how employers establish and evidence personal emotional protection, under new workplace emotional safety protocols. It becomes a seamless environment within the workplace, running as ongoing CPD which SEDi updates annually. This provides employers with evidence of personal capability, issued by a leading international Awarding Body.

Flexible Learning

#ResilientYou is a progressive learning and self-development process, fully managed by SEDi experts within our exclusive digital environment – accessed through mobile devices.

Facilitated CPD builds self-awareness and the social emotional skills for Emotional Resilience, over 4 phases. Individuals practice and hone their skills in real-life situations and environments, supported through e-Learning, Webinars, Podcasts, Videos and even expert-led Q&A. Successful completion merits an annually renewable certificate of competency in Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Employer Overview

Employers have the option to individually assess Emotional Resilience going forwards, using a rigorous emotional psychometric assessment; benchmarking the skills against a global database of workers.

This also creates an holistic overview of workforce Emotional Resilience upon which to manage emotional safety in the workplace; metrics pinpoint individual skills and also negative emotions such as anxiety and depression.


For our employer members, it’s easy to plug-in.

Members can access #ResilientYou for a 37% discount, for unlimited numbers. Simply click the link button below, and complete the short Contact Form giving us your Membership Number. We’ll then help you create a continual learning and development environment.

Once individuals complete the process and are certified, employers then maintain the digital learning & development environment as a member. The workforce continues with their CPD each year, which re-certifies them as being proficient in Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Members This Way


#ResilientYou is available to employers as a one-off – without any programme membership.

£150 per employee support individuals and teams for 6-months, with final certification.

To talk to us about a One-Off access to #ResilientYou, please click the link button below, complete the Contact Form and we’ll be in touch.

For Non-Members