Workplace Emotional Safety

We’re helping employers to establish emotionally safe working environments, and the professionally informed support for employees and end-users. A membership solution creates a new professional awareness and the capability to build Emotional Safety & Resilience. 

Public-facing teams who work within communities, can be equipped to understand the full spectrum of emotional dynamics so as to operate safely, whilst providing vital services within emotionally charged environments. SEDi provides a dedicated infrastructure into which employees/volunteers can build the capability to create Emotional Safety within and around them.

A Membership solution for Public, Private and Third sector employers.

Plug-in teams and individuals, build vital new capability.

Employers can now create individual or team learning & development which focuses upon creating the professional awareness and capability to create emotionally safe environmentsthe FIVE areas which determine Emotional Safety & Resilience – for

Each learning zone is a dedicated learning & development environment, providing monthly updates and insights through video, podcast and webcast channels.

Members can visit learning zones using their mobile devices and enjoy unlimited access to our experts and their resources, enabling teams to build an enviable professional awareness across all FIVE disciplines.

This is all about SEDi enabling teams to operate effectively and supporting them to create Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Monthly Memberships

Team Membership: £260 per month 

Connect a whole team into SEDi to access member benefits including learning & development directly related to FIVE core areas of Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Individual Membership: £10 per month 

We support individuals to boost their impact and enhance their portfolio of professional capability through this membership. Join SEDi, expand your specialism areas to include FIVE core areas of Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Professional Awareness, Capability & Qualifications

Our unique learning & development environment is dedicated to building competency and positioning qualifications in Emotional Safety & Resilience. 

Resources are designed and delivered by experts in their fields, and our range of CPD provides a powerful pathway into Higher Education for executives, line managers and employees as a Recognition of Prior Learning – so significantly enhancing individual and team credentials.

Individuals can connect into an enviable portfolio of cutting-edge CPD directly related to FIVE areas of Emotional Safety & Resilience. Members can open up a new world of specialised professional development for the workplace.

About Learning

Develop Employee Emotional Resilience

We launched ResilientYou globally in 2015, for employers to establish a process for workforce Emotional Resilience. This structured learning & development process is for entire teams, and allows employers to proactively address rising levels of workplace stress absence resulting from employees being exposed to emotional distress in the workplace.

Members save 35% on the published price, and Non-members can contact SEDi to arrange to book this support.

Teams are plugged-into SEDi for a purpose designed support consisting of a workshop and suite of digital learning, self-assessments, personalised team overview and support for creating Emotional Resilience. We help teams to quickly grasp the “basics” of their core social emotional skills, and then ‘fine tune’ these skills within real-life situations.

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